Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spotlight on My Sis!!

This weeks Spotlight is a special one. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I come from a very diverse and creative family. My sister Amy is one of the most driven creative beings I know! She and I have so many similarities and differences when it comes to our creativity and style. Amy owns two of the cutest and most interesting shops on Etsy. Please enjoy learning more about Amy and visit her adorable shops and blog! Mittens, Vintage Market Place and Mittensathome

1.What made me start my blog and easy shop?
I had stumble upon a tutorial back in 07 of how to put a zipper in bags, I had forgotten, the girl mentioned you could find her goods on etsy.  So I went and looked into what it was and fell in love.  I set up a shop that weekend and that led to setting up a Vintage shop not long after.  
My blog,  well I had wanted to blog for years, reading Posie Gets Cozy for the longest time made me dream of being a blogger. I am not computer savvy and it wasn't until I was shown blogger that I knew I could start one.  I love journals, so this is just like an online journal.  Great to keep my family up to date on Brooklyn.
2. Vintage Market Place and Mittens is your shop/blog name, where did this come about?
Mittens is the name of a cat I have always wanted but never had, ya know a cat with paws that look like they are wearing mittens?  So my love of cats and mittens has led to people thinking I make mittens, which I do not.  Looking back I probably should have chose a better name. LOL
Vintage Market place came up because my shop was all vintage.  I just wanted a simple and easy name people would remember when searching for vintage goods.
3. What do you find inspires you most?
I can't say 'most' but anything grungy, tattered, stained,torn up, old paper.
that is what inspires my art and vintage selections and decorating style.
My hats and scarves are inspired by color combination in yarn. My style is vintage so my hats and scarves have a vintage look with adding vintage buttons to all for adornments.

4. If you could live in any decade, what would it be?
Ooo, that is a hard one because I love so many of them.  When I was younger I was, well I still am kind of obsessed with bloomers and petticoats so the 1800-1900's were very comfy looking to me.  But I also love the overskirts and pants that Lucy wore, yet my personal style of everyday reflects more of the boho 70s.  but if I had to choose, I would stick with what we are in, cuz I love all the modern amenities that we have today

5. Who is your style Icon?
Well I love love Nicole Richie and her boho style.  She looks so put together all the time.
She inspires my choices in clothing and jewelry.
Now just if I were that tiny....
6. Do you find music to be a big inspiration for your creativity?
I really used to, I couldn't sew without my music blaring for me to sing along to.
It really got my creative juices flowing.  Then baby came along and no noise rules had to come along, nap times were and are my only time for creating these days and I have learned to really enjoy QUIET time.

7. If you could have the wardrobe of anyone, who would it be?
Once again Nicole Richie
or the Olsen Twins,  why are all my favs so tiny
8. Do you find the time of year, seasons, to be a big influence on your style?
OH YES, definitely.  I start shopping for my fall wardrobe in JUNE
Fall is my favorite, the layers but not needing a coat.  Boots and great leather bag and a great hat and scarf.  oooh and tights gotta have tights!!!!

9. Were you always interested in vintage lifestyles and fashion? 
I always thought I would be a clothing designer and would sketch clothing ever since I was a teen.  Well, life takes turns and that never happened.  I watched so many great movies as a child,  my favs were Audrey and Doris, tv was Lucy, Patty Duke.  I couldn't get enough of Nick at Nite back in the 90's all the black and white shows they used to show.  Made my heart swoon.  Every apartment I have had has been decorated in vintage thrifting finds and now that I own my house it still reflects those early days of thrifting for vintage finds.
10. What colors are you mostly drawn to?
For dressing, browns and grays but I really love Green and shades of certain blues for accents.
My home is green, it contains pops of reds, god, that sounds like santas house.   No, it is brown greens and deep reds mixed not a lot of color more neutral with pops of color 

11. Where are your favorite places to shop? Online, thrift, antique shops?
Favorite is thrifting, here in Vegas it really sucks but I still go to try to seek out something that will make my heart skip a beat.  So when I go home, it is what I live for.
Then etsy.  Since we don't have great thriftstores I have to shop for vintage a lot, maybe too much on etsy.  I only seek out the super cheap and tattered.  It is rare because it seems what I have always loved is becoming very popular and expensive.

12. Describe an ideal day for you?
Waking up to rain and clouds and heading to get my latte and stopping in for a little shopping be it thrifting or just heading to target.  After being able to sit in my studio on a latte high and creating my art for my Vintage etsy shop or for the galleries I am in.

13. What is your favorite part about being a blogger and shop owner?
Realizing that people "GET" what I do.  
I have such great customers and followers that let me know that I am not "wasting my time" as my college professor once told me.
I feel a great accomplishment when I sell or get comments from all over the world on my works.  Connecting with people that have become great friends and people I can count on.
Blogging really is a great community of women supporters of the arts.
14. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Unfortunately, still here in Vegas.  But with my family who I adore and mom to a teenager
eeks...hopefully a store front owner and a successful business woman.

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