Wednesday, January 12, 2011

60's and 80's Dethrose Shop Update & so much more:)

First, Dethrose shop updates.
Second, I am cleaning out my personal Closet and getting rid of what I haven't worn. Some with tags still attached. Email me if interested!

Now, I have been cleaning out my closet and I am getting rid of the things I never ended up wearing. If you would like to purchase these items simply click on the Buy It Now button and send $$ into my PayPal account. For Measurements please email me. Price are set or best offer. 

Anthropologie Odille Plush Floral 50's Style Jacket Size 0 with Tag attached. Retail for $148
Sale $45.00
Valentino Modern Black Trench Coat Double Breasted Button Front, Back Pleating, Excellent Condition!! Valentino Red, retailed for $895
Sale $145 

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Love the lace pleat blouse and denim mini!!