Friday, August 26, 2011

Are you Green?!

Environmentally speaking that is. No matter what your reasons are for loving vintage fashion and buying it, just know that you are contributing to making the earth a wee bit better. Wearing and buying vintage IS a way of recycling. It's very rare I wear something that isn't vintage, I mean head to toe from my shoes to my hair accessories, it's all Vintage. Usually when its not, it's either a gift or something I have had for a while. Now, I am not one who will judge someone for not wearing vintage or not being environmentally conscious of the clothing on their back. I too slip now and again and buy from Anthropologie:)

Anyway, here is my "Green" outfit for today while visiting home. Aside from the flower rings, everything is VINTAGE:) 

Also, for all my readers on the east coast and those with family there, my thoughts are with you and please, please stay safe. My brother David & my sister in law Angie, who made an appearance in my last few posts, live in North-East Florida and for bit there we were very worried. But they are both safe and sound! I hope the same goes to you and your loved ones <3

1950s Linen Dress ~ Bombshell Shocked Vintage
Wooden Necklace ~ Estate Sale
1960s Tapestry Bag ~ Antique Mall
FanFare 1970s Shoes ~ JenStyle Chic Vintage
Two Small Bakelite Rings ~ Thrifted 
Carousel Charm Bracelet ~ Bunny's Trunk Show
I am in love with this handbag, look at the chain! It's super long and so comfy to carry.
 I have been trying new things with my new found love for french braiding. Today I started the braid upside down and then pinned the tail to the side. I can't wait to see what I come up with as my hair continues to grow! I haven't had this long of hair in 4 years!!
 All pictures taken by me in my backyard:)
 I'm going to see Deerhunter, Cat Power and The Roots tomorrow night! What do you all have planned for the weekend??

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chicago Gals Meet up!

If you have been following along, the past few posts have been regarding my busy week/weekend. Another event that I was lucky enough to be invited to and able to attend was a lovely blogger Chicago meet up arranged by the lovely Lisa from Archives Vintage. The meet up took place in the amazing neighborhood of Pilsen at Deliciously Vintage. The place was perfectly adorned with amazing vintage, lil gift bags for all of us and yummy treats made for us by Lisa herself.

It was so nice to see some familiar faces and to meet some new ones! There are so many great blogs out there, so many it's hard to keep up, so when some of my favorites are in the same room it's hard not to geek out on one another. I first met most of the ladies through a vintage sale of some kind. I met Emily from Sartoriography for the first time about a year and half ago at Vintage Bazaar, which is coming upon us once again Sept 18th. Emily, very witty and very lovely, has a blog that is worth putting in your daily blogroll! Lisa from Archives I first met last summer at Vintage Heaven. If you haven't already, you should definitely check out her shop! I am currently coveting about 3 items right now:)

A familiar face whom I see all over this city, sales, flea markets, the grocery store, is Leilani from Thriftaholic. Leilani and I share numerous obsessions, thrifting, tapestry handbags and full skirted dresses! Her blog not only makes you swoon over her finds but it gives you a look into fun events happening all over the city. It has been a daily read of mine for over a year and literally once a month, if not more, Leilani educates me on something I could possibly be missing out on here in this great city! 

Here are the shots from the party that I took and some Sara from It's About the Look took. She was so sweet to email me all the shots she got for us ladies! And of course some fun ones that Leilani and I just had to do of us twirling. I mean what's the point of wearing a full pleated skirted dress if you aren't going to have a twirling moment in a day. Let alone finding someone else who shares the same joy:)

 The sweet treats:) Thank you for all the goodies!!
 Lisa, Emily, Andrea and Tabitha enjoying a laugh. I adore how this photo turned out! Andrea runs one of my favorite blogs Blonde Bedhead and she happens to be one of the sweetest ladies!

 My favorite vintage dress I have at the moment. 1950's polka dot pleated dress with the most gorgeous neckline detail! You will be seeing this dress again, mostly likely very soon, as I am completely GAGA for it!

Red Patent Shoes ~ Sofft from Zappos
Tapestry Handbag ~ JenStyle Chic Vintage
Ring ~ Estate Sale
1950s Carousel Bracelet ~ Bunny's Trunk Show

And let the laughter and twirling begin!
 The picture below is possibly my fav!
 Nope, this one is definitely my favorite one!
 The bags!

Now for some candid shots Sara caught. I have been told on numerous occasions that I am very animated when I tell stories. I have had people video tape me, take photos and what not just to prove it to me. Well, I have to share these silly and goofy photos that rarely make it onto the blog. LOL, I look so ridiculous:) Love it!  
 I hope you all had a great weekend! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Family Part 1

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, my family came to visit and we did a lot! Walking around this glorious city was one of em! My brother David walks everywhere if given the chance. So on Thursday afternoon we spent time walking, 13 miles to be exact! So here it is, me outta my vintage:)

 David and his beloved Cubs hat!
 The Lake and the city both looked gorgeous! I wanted to jump in the water so bad! 

The next day my mom, my best friend Kat and David spent the day shopping, more walking and eating scrumptious food! 
 David has a hard time posing for pics!
 My Almond Raspberry Pancakes. I couldn't even eat half! We went to Milk & Honey on Division. The pancakes were so good no syrup necessary! The Americano was delish!

 Ok so the humidity was intense, which made my hair intense. Lol! Also I am so sleepy in this picture! I only got about 3 hours of sleep the night before:(  The dress is my new fav! Its an olive green corduroy dress from Anthro. So comfy and I love the 50s silhouette!

Later that evening we went to dinner with Davids wife Angie and her parents. Followed by a late night stroll downtown. I had to visit the new Marilyn art installation. My mom got much better photos, l hope to get them soon to show to you.
 David and I on the Michigan Street Bridge. I got a bunch with Angie and my mom but they weren't on my phone:(
More to come later! Also check out Dethrose Vintage and my shop update!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pass the Pillow Please!

I am so super exhausted from the busiest week I have had in a long time so this post will be brief. My family visited me this past week and it was chalked full of activities! Walking about 12 miles a day with my brother. Yep! Walked everywhere, from the beach through Lincoln Park to downtown to Wicker Park and the longest from Wrigleyville to Bucktown! However, my legs look great, lol! Architectural boat tour, my fav, Cubs game, shopping and so much food! I loved every minute of it. I'll post more about their time here this week. It will be at least a 2 parter!

While all of this was going on, I still had prior engagements to attend as well. A blogger meet up, which I will post about this week, an all night Flea Market and various vintage functions. So yes I am one tired lady. Today was nap day. Literally. I slept about 12 hours total today. My body just shut down. 

I also was able to fit in a morning walk with Isa from Chicago Looks and we decided to do a little photo opt for her blog. I went home after our little work out and changed into a dress that will find its way into Dethrose Vintage soon! Isa was lovely enough to send the photos and I just have to share them with you! Check out Isa's blog HERE!

Cotton Drop Waist Dress ~ Knee Deep Vintage 
Woven Oxfords ~ Thrifted
Sunglasses ~ Anthro
Flower Ring ~ Rudys Round Up
Green Perfume Ring ~ Estate Sale
1950's Carousel Bracelet ~ Bunny's Trunk Show
1950's Wooden and Woven Handbag ~ Thrifted
All photos were taken at my friend Niki's lovely home. She has the gorgeous Vintage shop Bombshell Shocked!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tulip Tuesday

So today marked day 20 of my Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis workout. I can not exclaim my joy more! I feel more energetic, stronger and toned. I'm still not where I want to be but I am getting there. I'm not going to lie, the workout itself is brutal at first but I am finally getting the hang of it. It does get a bit easier over time but you sweat more than you've ever sweat before. Just when I was about to give up, I awoke one day to realize I lost 2 inches of my problem areas (hips and thighs) and I have muscles that I've never had! Those results are enough for me to keep going. After each workout I have a boost of energy and a great feeling of accomplishment. Not to mention, never having to do lunges or squats ever again makes it all worth it! 

 Today was a gorgeous day here in Chicago. Sunny and 80 degrees! So out I went, feeling wonderful, almond milk latte in hand and errands to run!
1950s Tulip Skirt~ JenStyle Chic Vintage
Tangerine Tank~ H&M
Woven Flats~ Slubird Vintage
 Sunglasses~ Anthropologie
 Tulip Ring~ Rudy's Round-Up
Green Ring~ Thrifted
1950s Charm Bracelet~ Bunny's Trunkshow
 I just adore the colors:)
Happy Tuesday!!