Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cozy and warm!

Even though it has been thee coldest week that CHicago has had all winter, I have managed to get out of the apartment for hunting for vintage goodies, fun with friends and just your basic gallivanting around! I went to an Estate yesterday and found some lovely items for my living room. When I arrived home I had a package waiting for me at the door. I was overcome with excitement when I saw who it was from! This week I had ordered a cardigan from Lauren at Dear Golden, Spotlight feature earlier last week, and I have been anxiously awaiting it since! I opened it immediately and realized everything I bought that day for my apartment matched it perfectly! So I thought I would show it off to you and let you see for yourself! 
Everything in my home is Vintage, mostly from Estate Sales or Gifts from friends. My couch and chair however, was a pressured buy given by my Ex. I'm not a fan of this set, I want to sell and replace it asap. This is by far my favorite room in the apartment. ummmm....I mean, other than the vintage room of course...oh, and my 2 walk in closets. lol

 Ivory Wool Beret- Estate Sale
Locket- Gift from Amy
Emerald Green 1960's Shift Dress- Vintage Warehouse
70's Brown Boots- Alma
Cardigan- Dear Golden Vintage

Thank you Lauren for sending this sweater! I adore it and it's my favorite color combo, obviously hahaha.


Amy said...

this is the first I am really seeing your apt. Very cute!!!
Hey that scarf on the wall looks familiar....

"Are these my socks???
Claire you better come and take a look in here..."

lauren said...

you apartment is as cute as you are!
and is that a framed photo of grace kelly? so rad!


Dethrose Vintage said...

Thank you!

It was so funny Lauren when I opened the package and realized the colors were exactly the same as my living room!

Amy, that is by far my favorite cosby show episode!

The Attic People said...

Amazing cardigan! I love printed cardigans.
Lovely pad too :)