Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What I wore to Work :: Bike Edition

I have been a terrible Chicago-er this Spring season as far as being a environmentally conscious bicyclist! I normally ride my bike as soon as 60º weather hits, I was a bit slow on this this season. It's not that I didn't want to, it was that my bike needed some love and financially I kept putting it off. But NO LONGER! The beautiful summer, that for some mother nature has decided to give us and not screw us like the past years, has gotten me jonsing for my bike! So last week, I finally took it to my local bike shop and voila! in two seconds I was riding off like a five year old that just got a shiny new bike. 
So what does a vintage gal like my self wear or do when riding a 70's Schwinn single speed silver blue road bike? Exactly what I wear every other day! HA! Seriously though, I do my hair the same and wear my dresses as usual with bike shorts under them. Friday though, I found this 80s rayon floral summer dress at the thrift and I was struck with an arrow to the heart. Threw it on, got on my bike and just like that I found the perfect bike dress:) 
This is what I BIKED to work in yesterday. It may not be the most flattering dress but dang its comfy!
 1980s Rayon Summer Dress ~ Thrift Shop
80s Childs Denim Jacket ~ Thrift Shop about 5 yrs ago
 80s Leather Bag ~ Stolen from DETHROSE
80s Woven Loafers ~ Slubird
50s Yellow Belt ~ off a dress in my closet
Bangles & Rings ~ Thrifts, Estates and Antiques
Coral Necklace ~ Gift from MERL 

You will most likely be seeing different versions of this outfit through out the summer. Braid and all:)

Friday, June 22, 2012

What I Wore to Work :: In 97º

People in Chicago often complain about weather, to the point that I wanna slap anyone saying its too cold or too hot. Just go with it people! Complaining about something you can't control serves no purpose. So when it turns into this sweltering 97º heat with a crazy humidity index, I wear as light and little of clothing I can possibly get away with. Merl and I have not yet figured out the best way to cool our studio, so when I go there I have to be prepared. Sundress prepared. The only thing that ended up changing about this outfit was I tied my hair up into the scarf when I realized it was crazy to have had my hair down!
Not my favorite outfit to date, but it served its purpose of not letting me sweat too much. I hope you all stay COOL out there this summer!
1950s Sundress ~ Comet Vintage 
Woven Loafers ~ Thrifted
Wooden Accessories ~ Thrifts and Estate Sales
Silk Colorful Head Scarf ~ Estate Sale
Sunglasses ~ Buffalo Exchange

I will be spending the rest of my day prepping for the Randolph Street Market Festival again this weekend! Stop by if you are in the Chicago area!! 

Antique Shows Flea Market
Saturday, June 23, 2012  10am-6pm
Sunday, June 24, 2012 10am-5pm
1340 W. Washington, Chicago, IL
Inside Historic Plumbers Hall - click for directions

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Happy Wednesday! I'm in the midst of a busy week prepping for the Randolph Vintage Market this weekend. So here are a few things that have been added to the shop.

What I Wore to Work :: The Demise of Alice

This is my Alice dress. Alice in Wonderland that is. That is, until Sunday. I had decided to wear this frock to work Sunday, which happened to be the day of the Vintage Garage. Bad decision indeed. Why I thought it was necessary to wear a thin Nylon dress to load vintage in and out of a building and my car still baffles me. Sadly this dress is now in much need of repair. And not simple, "oh I busted a seam" repair. More like a giant tear at the shoulder and the waist tie belt is no longer attached. Now I only have these photos as a memory of its late beauty.

Adorable right? *sigh*
Dress ~ Estate Sale
Tapestry necklace/brooch ~ Estate Sale
Shoes ~ Dolce Vita (4 yrs ago)

 Check out Dethrose for shop updates. I will also be at the Randolph Vintage Street Market this weekend! Saturday 10-5pm and Sunday 10-6pm 
More details to come! 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

What I Wore to Work :: My Dear

The other day I had to head to Detroit, Michigan unexpectedly. Only there for about 36 hours, I knew I had to hit up one of my favorite vintage broads, Lauren from Dear Golden Vintage. As per usual, Lauren was up for a fun visit and full of hospitality. Whiskey Smashes, dinner, and your basic Tom Foolery. And before you ask the obvious question, yes, of course I shopped her inventory. While gabbing and laughing, I was sifting through the racks and I spotted this number. I put it on immediately and did not take it off. Fit me like a glove and it brightened me up rather rapidly!! 

So this "What I Wore to Work" post is all about the dress:) 
Not only did I spot this dress, I also spotted the bag! My "Karyn" perfect handbag, giant, woven and leather. I seriously can not have too many! You have any?? Sell them to me!!! 
Locket ~ Antique Mall in Michigan
Bead & Gold Necklace ~ Gift from MERL
Ring/Bracelet ~ Thrift 
Something tells me I will have this dress and handbag for a very long time. Check out the rest of Lauren's inventory at Dear Golden HERE.