Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Phew! This week/weekend has been a long one!  First was my birthday,which seemed to last all week long!  And then I saw a movie I have been dying to see since I first saw the trailer, Blue Valentine with Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. It did not disappoint! Very real and it puts a lot into perspective, and it also kinda lets you draw your own conclusions, which I love. Next, a lot of shopping and stocking up the shop, photos, Etsy postings, blog post, and numerous little events throughout our little Chicago Vintage family. Including the grand opening of Krispy Fringe, the little vintage shop I have a little home at now. I will upload those photos today at some point and post it tomorrow. Even though it has been quite hectic around here I am very excited to be able to do all of these things and spend much needed time with my friends!  So today I am taking it easy. 

I woke up this morning and made my recipe of Gluten Free/Vegan Blueberry Pecan Muffins. I finally perfected the recipe and oh my they are so Yummy!! I will be posting that soon today! That's right, 2 posts in one day! This is my kind of relaxation! Watching netflix, Dick Van Dyke or Saturday Night Live in the back ground and working on Etsy. It's so cold outside and I am dreading having to go outside later. These are the days I wish I had a personal assistant to run my errands. It's only 12 degrees here today and the windchill is below zero! Ugh, so I have a warm cup of coffee and slippers on and I do not intend to move till I absolutely have to! 

Here are my Dethrose Shop Updates for today! I hope all of you are getting to enjoy your Sunday! 

1950's Colorful Dream Day Dress (Small-Med)
 1980's Lace & Navy Cardigan (Medium)
1960's Vintage Lucy Polka Dot Blouse (S-M)
 1980's Olive Taupe Suede and Snakeskin Heels (8N)
 1980's A Nod to Mod White Boots (7)
 1970's Vintage Taupe Mid Calf Boots (7m) I haven't listed these quite yet, let me know if you are interested, they are $35
 1960's Betty's got a brand new bag 
 1980's Vibrant Purple Slouchy Boots (8.5)
 1970's Ankle Suede Booties (8 M)
1950's Cotton Sunflower Full Skirt (23.5 W) & 1980's Pintuck Pleat Gingham Blouse (Small)

Hope you are all keeping warm today and doing what you love! 


Amy said...

Well I am dying over that first dress, I WANT
it is tooo adorable.
but not my size. POO

thatdamngreendress said...

Yeah, the colours in that first dress are so fresh and ice-creamy! Love those purple boots too!