Sunday, January 30, 2011

Barns Aren't Just for Animals

Another Lazy Sunday. A friend and I managed to get out last night and enjoy the slightly warmer evening here in Chicago. Just some dancing and what not, definitely good night.  Anyway, I managed to awake early and bake muffins and spend the morning and afternoon on ETSY. Shop updates on Dethrose are up, and the listings are some of my new favorite items! 

While going through my photos, I realized that I forgot about a post I have been meaning to do. Earlier this month, I went home to visit my family and my mom took some photos for me out on the farm. The farm belongs to this wonderful woman that has a barn converted into an adorable Antique Shop! So many treasures were found unexpectedly! I mean, driving down the dirt road you would never think there was a barn that held such wonderful 20's & 30's items! Unfortunately the photos I took inside didn't turn out but I will be going back very, very soon. 

1950's Cotton Floral Day Dress: Thrifted
1970's Boots: Vintage Heaven

Cardigan: Anthropologie
Locket: Estate
Sunglasses: Thrift


Amy said...

yep that barn holds so much great stuff and it doesn't look like it is huge from the outside but the inside is amazing.
SHHH, don't let everyone know our hidden place.

Lillian Davenport said...

What happened to the beautiful header image that you used to have on your bliog????