Monday, March 26, 2012

Brick by Brick

It feels like I haven't posted in forever! I am trying to become more consistent with my outfit posts and shop updates. But this week was a busy one. I was prepping all week for the Randolph Street Vintage Market for the weekend. And of course, getting myself ready for the Mad Men premiere, which did not disappoint. The week flew by which left me exhausted this morning. However, the weekend was the best, full of friends and laughing. Not gonna lie though, I am still in my pj's wrapped in a blanket sipping my coffee. Mentally preparing myself for all the work I have to get done today. 

I'm also dragging a bit today because Chicago went from 80º weather for the last 3 weeks to being 45º today!!! I'm not complaining, I knew we were totally lucky for the month of March. But the cold does make you a bit slower, no? When it's warm and sunny, I can't wait to get going! Luckily, tomorrow I will get that wish, it will be back up to 68º. Hahaha, gotta love my bi-polar city. Anyway, here are some photos from last Thursday Merl took for me during our strange Summer March weather. My dress and purse were from the sale at Holly's house for Lucite Box that I posted about in my last post.

 The pink is fading nicely in my hair. I can't wait til its the perfect baby pink.
 1950s Serbin Dress ~ Lucite Box
 1950s Margret Smith Handbag ~ Lucite Box
Shoes ~ Anthropologie
I love all the small details on the dress. It's just so adorable.
  Necklace ~ Estate Sale
Sunglasses ~ H & M (2 years ago)
 Wooden Bangles & Rings ~ Antique Shops & Thrift Shops
 I hope you all had a phenomenal weekend! 

(All photos taken by Merl Kinzie)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunday Funday

         Nothing makes me happier than two things: vintage shopping and seeing my friends. This past Sunday I got to do both at the same time. What a lucky gal am I right?! My friend Andrea, of Blonde Bedhead, was visiting Chicago for the weekend. Lucky for my friend Merl and I, we got to spend some quality time with our little blond muppet (Merl's pet name for Andrea). It's always such giggle fest when we get together. Well, giggle is putting it lightly, crazy loud boisterous laugh attacks is probably more suiting. Loudness, laidback, and just straight up easy breezy fun! 

Sunday was the picture perfect day, bright and sunny 80º. Holly, a woman I met in Elgin at the Cat's Pajamas Vintage Sale, was having an Open House vintage sale that day for her shop Lucite Box. So I thought, how perfect we are getting together! Let's meet there, duh! Merl and I arrived first, Holly greeted us in a gorgeous 1950's cotton floral dress, and immediately offered us mimosa's! We walked into a complete dream, a time warp, of course I was in heaven. Holly's house was a delight, bright walls, barcloth drapes, and so much in every nook! Racks filled a room and accessories filled the another room. We spent almost 2 hours playing dress up and taking photos. Such a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!
 We left with bags full of amazing vintage and bruised wallets, lol! I can not get over how much cute, and totally necessary, items we got. I'm sure Merl and Andrea will also have posts with more detail of the house decor and sale.

Luckily being bloggers, if one forgets a camera, someone else has got ya covered! I being the forgetful one, did not remember my camera. Merl took over and got an outfit post for me! Hence, all the twirling and laughing. When friends take my photo it's hard for me to be serious. I feel like such a goon!
(Andrea & Merl behind the lens in these photos)
1950s Tiki Dress ~ Bombshell Shocked
Wooden Accessories ~ Thrift & Antique Shops
Red Wedges ~ 4ever
Woven Handbag ~ Estate Sale

After we left Holly's, we wandered downtown and window shopped. We randomly ran into Amy, Chicago Street Style, and she was sweet enough to capture our outing. What a cute pic! I am seriously gaga over these gals!
 Photo courtesy of Amy Creyer's Chicago Street Style

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I ♥ Chicago

Chicago is my town. I love everything about it. Even when we're having a crazy Winter with tons of snow. I can bare the frigid temps from time to time. Why? How? Because when the weather is gorgeous, this city's awesomeness comes through. You just feel motivated to do everything. When I wake up to a sunny warm apartment, I just feel an extra pep in my step! Just a simple walk around the neighborhood or outdoor seating at a restaurant can really brighten your day. I know it's the vitamin D, we need it! Well, I need it!
 Kat and I took a stroll down Michigan Ave today and stopped at the Lake. It was so clear and gorgeous. All I kept thinking was how much I can't wait for the vintage Spring/Summer season. Pop Ups and Flea Markets!! And of course, I thought about really stepping up my workout from 3-4 days a week to 6 days. Gotta get ready for those crop tops and swimsuits! My gams have been neglected for far too long;)
 Lace Cotton Blouse ~ Thrifted about 4 years ago
1950s Floral Skirt ~ Retro 101
Sunglasses ~ Anthro
 It got up to 82º today!! With no humidity, it was perfection.
 Bangles ~ Thrift Shops
Wooden Rings ~ Antique Shops
 My Favorite Spring Bag ~ Timeless Treasures Vintage
1960s White Sandals ~ Thrift Shop
Anchor Bandana ~ Knee Deep Vintage
1960s Wooden Necklace ~ Estate Sale
Glass Rings ~ Antique Shops and Thrift Shops

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Just a quick outfit post and tiny little Dethrose Shop update. The weather is absolutely glorious here and will continue through next week. So of course I have been enjoying it by being outside most of the last 72 hours:) It's so nice to go out and not have to worry about layers, tights that go with your dress, and finally being able to switch out my winter and summer wardrobes!
I have been saving this little late 30s watercolor silk frock for the first sunny day. Well Tuesday was the day! It was 70º out and perfectly bright and sunny. Lunch at a neighborhood cafe with a friend and a nice walk around around Wicker Park and then onto photos for the shop. The perfect way to split leisure with productivity:) 
I wore:
Late 30s Silk Dress ~ Estate Sale
1950s Green Handbag ~ Estate Sale
White Leather 60s Sandals ~ Thrifted

Green Glass Rings & Gold Ring ~ Antique Shop
Pink Polka Dot Sunglasses~ Anthro
Bangles ~ Thrifted

And here is a few more things added to the Dethrose shop today:)