Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dethrose Vintage Lookbook

Here is the long awaited Look Book 2010 for Dethrose Vintage.

Thank you to Katie and Richie for your amazing help and creativity! I couldn't have done this without you. Sharing our passion for vintage beauty, fashion and photography really paid off!

All Styling, Hair and Make Up by Karyn Dethrow (Dethrose)

"BLOW-UP CREATIVE  is the PHOTOGRAPHIC product of graphic designer Katie Yates teaming up with film maker Richie Harkrider.

Recently moving from New York city to a wonderland in a rural setting outside of Chicago, the photography duo find their inspiration in a wide variety of sources ranging from urban cityscapes to tangled trees and overgrown fields. Their combined interests in everything from horror movies to fashion and the environment are a major influence on their work. To learn more visit"l. 

Friday, November 26, 2010


It's all about timing. To have great photos in my apartment, I have to time it perfectly with the best light of day. Since I usually am working during that small time this occurs, I am often unimpressed with the photos I take here. It's now 1am and I thought I would see what the pictures would look like. Once again, blah. I have to either wake up super early, or be at home at high noon. I must wake up early and get a head start with the sun. Not tomorrow, but maybe Sunday? Haha, we'll see:) But I photo shopped these to look half way decent. 

I love this little corner of my apartment. I've collected these suitcase over the past year and I just them as decoration. Not to mention the fact that I use them for storage. But in the morning, gee it just looks so beautiful! And this is the same dress I photographed at my family's home for sale. I just don't think I can part with it though. It's just so darn cute! 

Here is the difference....
So much better! I didn't have to color correct this at all! Morning light is the best light. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day Photos

I wish i could come to my families home every time I wanna take pictures. Every time I'm here I find new places to photograph. It was such an awful rainy day yesterday, so I literally got up early and started listing new things on etsy and trying new things with my camera. Despite the fog and the rain, the lighting was perfection! This may be my favorite room in the house. It's so warm and plush. 

So this was what I found yesterday morning. 

 My brother Jon's antique PinBall Game.
Trophy Dress: Anthropologie
Burgundy Cardigan: Thrifted 
Hair Flower: U.O.
Pearls and Accessories: all Thrifted
Navy Boots: Etsy

It's always so nice to be home. The downfall is not being able to stay longer or go out and explore because of the weather. Next time....

Oh and there are tons of things in Dethrose that will be 15% off starting at 5am tomorrow, and don't forget to use your Holiday Coupon:)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Loud and Clear

So I have heard from a great deal of you and emails came in and its unanimous. No dress form, you all want me to model the clothing. While I am flattered, I will be using the the dress form for the next few things. I do both I think, so here is the comparison, along with more Dethrose shop updates.

Ps. Thanks for all the sweet compliments too:)

1940's Cheongsam Dress
1950's Loretta Square Dance Dress

1960's Dolly Square Dance Dress
50's Sky Blue Day Dress

Now the new stuff on Dethrose with my favorite new pictures!
 1950's Birdie Black Day Dress 

1940's Starlight Dress
1960's Sunday Child Mini Dress
1960's Wintuk Cable Cardigan

1960's Berries and Cream Velvet Mini Dress
*I think I'm keeping this one;)

1960's Asian Inspired Blue Velvet Dress

1960's Black Velvet Cocktail Dress

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Days of relaxation. Finally, they are here. So as a celebration, Shop Updates!!

**Also, my lovely friend Carlos let me borrow his gorgeous dress form. What do ya think?? Would you rather see lil ol me wearing the garb or this dress form?

Many more items to come:)

1940's Cheongsam Dress

1960's Dolly Square Dance Dress
1950's Loretta Square Dance Dress
1950's Sky Blue Day Dress
1940's Open Knit Sweater