Monday, January 17, 2011

Dress and Spotlight!

As you know from past posts, I had done a dress swap with Quincy over at Q's Daydream with 2 fabulous dresses outta of the Dethrose closet. I could not have been happier with the pictures she's taken with the dresses! Quincy and I share our love for the 50's on our blogs and in our wardrobes quite often. So I thought what better than to have her model my favorite late 40's and 50's dresses. Yesterday I received an email from Quincy linking me to her blog and I can't tell you how great the photos are! This Brings me to my Spotlight on Quincy from Q's Daydream ! Although I have never met Quincy in person, her Blog and Shop have such a great energy and joy to them, It feels like I have met her. Thats the great thing about blogging and sharing our passions with others who can understand the love of putting life back in to something once its been tossed.

Enjoy getting know Quincy!

1940's Birds Flock Dress by Dethrose Vintage 
 I just adore the way Quincy put the accessories together. Really giving it a sweet Southern feel! Thank again lady for making it look so adorable!! For questions, or if you are interested in the dress email me at

1. What made you start your blog and easy shop?
I decided to start my blog after discovering a couple other vintage blogs. I just thought it looked so much fun! From there I discovered Etsy and started Q's Daydream Vintage!
2. Q's Daydream is your shop/blog name, where did this come about?
Well, I started my blog when I was home sick with mono. People always call me Q and my blog was sort of a daydream to keep my mind off being sick. So Q's Daydream it was!
3. What do you find inspires you most?
Old movies and movie stars. I grew up watching Shirley Temple and Elvis movies. I always wanted to look like the girls in the Elvis movies, lol.
4. If you could live in any decade, what would it be? 
The late 50's to early 60s, for sure!
5. Who is your style Icon? 
Oh gosh, there are many! Jean Seberg, Leslie Caron, Brigitte Bardot, Elvis...
6. You seem to be a huge Elvis Presley fan, do you find music to be a big inspiration for your creativity?
I do. I listen to music all day while I'm working. Usually oldies ;o)
7. If you could have the wardrobe of anyone, who would it be?
Hmmmm, Zooey Deschanel.
8. Do you find the time of year, seasons, to be a big influence on your style?
Yes. I'm more inspired by the simplicity of spring and summer.
9. Were you always interested in vintage lifestyles and fashion? 
Always. I remember going shopping with my Mom and finding my first vintage bathing suit at 10. When I was real little I wanted to be/dress like Shirley Temple.
10. What colors are you mostly drawn to?
Red is my favorite! Also black and blue.
11. Where are your favorite places to shop? Online, thrift, antique shops? 
Etsy for sure. Vintage shops around town, friends closets...
12. Describe an ideal day for you?
Sleeping in, then going out for a morning latte with my hubby. Some thrifting, walking in the sun, a drive to Memphis, hehe.
13. What is your favorite part about being a blogger and shop owner?
Being able to share my love of vintage with so many wonderful gals. I've met so many great people through blogging and Etsy!
14. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Still selling vintage with a couple kids that I can dress in vintage, lol!

To Shop Q's great selection of vintage go to her shop! And read & follow her lovely blog!


Amy said...

Great interview, her spirit and love of vintage really comes thru in the photos and her words.
She looks adorable playing in the leaves!


Q's Daydream said...

Oh thank you so so much! I do hope we get to meet in person soon. I know we'd be buddies! xoxo

Anonymous said...

This was sooooo cute!!!...Quincy's mom-Sheryl

Fran said...

Lovely interview and such a cute blog. xx

Dethrose Vintage said...

Thanks everyone! Q's just too adorable:)