Tuesday, January 11, 2011

30, here I come!

First off I would love to thank you all for the warm wishes on my Birthday! So far 30 is pretty awesome. I guess it's because I don't feel 30. I am very lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people on a daily basis! Last night I had a "little" gathering at my apartment, it was the best time, looking around the room and seeing all my favorite people in one spot was truly fantastic! I will post the photos from last night later this week! They are spectacular, I awoke this morning, not hungover surprisingly, but my cheeks hurt from smiling so much! Today I just took it easy, brunch with a friend, pictures, errands and Blue Valentine tonight. So 30, so far you have not disappointed me! 

I did receive some lovely gifts from people and this week I be sure to post different outfits with these new treasures. Today is the first, my friend Niki got me a beautiful sweater! I mean I am seriously in love with this sweater! It's just so beautiful, soft and feminine! And today was just too beautiful of a snow day not to shoot it. So Thank You Niki!!! 

I wasn't kidding about this sweater! How gorgeous:)
 Green Cashmere Coat with Fox Fur- Thrifted

 I mean, come on, how picture perfect is this setting! It doesn't even look real! 
Hat- Gift from Kat
Necklace Locket- Gift from Amy
Snow Boots- Thrifted 
Denim Dress- H&M

 Thanks again to everyone! Love you all! 


BombshellShocked said...

Happy Birthday Karyn!

I'm so glad you love the sweater!

Amy said...

Gorgeous, enough said!

ina said...

The sweater is cute and so is the coat! Happy birthday, 30 has been my best age so far :)