Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ivy Covered

Apparently I only work or reside in places with walls of climbing ivy. Ha! This is our back courtyard of our shop Market Supply Co. No complaints here, it makes for wonderful back grounds in photos. But I have to subconsciously be choosing places like this!! 

When Chicago does finally decide to switch to seasons, it happens rapidly and to the extreme. We went from being annoyed by frosty chills at the beginning of June, to being annoyed by sweltering 90ยบ plus temps. Since it's not socially acceptable to be naked, I live as close to naked as possible. Light cotton halter dresses and crop tops it is! I have had this dress for 7 years and I wear it every year at the beginning of summer. 
Despite what my bright red lipstick may say, I love to have little to nothing on my face in this weather. I actually have never worn foundation because I can't deal with too much on my face. However, I do wear concealer under my eyes because unfortunately, I look like a 12 year old who's been punched in the mornings;) So I live in red lipstick, concealer, and mascara. Luckily, I also made this Summer easier by keeping my hair short. Shower, comb it (and by comb I mean my fingers) and let it dry!! 

What I'm wearing (and duh it includes my wood jewelry) ~
Dress: thrifted 7 yrs ago
Purse: a gift from Merl
Wood Jewelry: thrifted from numerous places over the years
3 stacked bakelite rings: thrifted separately as well
Navy 70s Cuddler Wedges: Etsy (the Rag Museum)

All photos taken by the wonderfully talented Merl Kinzie

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Silence

Hey there!! It's been a LOOOOOONG time since I have given this blog any attention. So I decided, let's give this another go! I've asked many of you and a lot of my customers what kind of updates you'd like to see on here. After a lot of requests and suggestions, I decided I would try and give what you want a go. Which means, more weekly outfit posts, shop updates and sale information, and my health and workout updates. What do you think? Did I leave anything out?? I would seriously love any feedback that may make this an enjoyable stop in your daily routines of avoiding work;) 

Mike and I were working at our studio the other day and I thought, why don't I start now?! I love our building where we work outside of our Brick & Mortar shop Market Supply Co, it'd make a great background for a quick outfit post. 
I found this dress last year in a pile of gross at an estate sale. It was actually brown and yellow with boring old white plastic buttons. I took it home and knew there was a life for it beyond the filth it had come to know. So after a week of soaking in Retro Clean, yes a very long week, I found it was actually a stark white and black stripe beauty. 
Another change I had to make were the buttons. I always pick up interesting buttons everywhere I go, who knows when I may need them. So when a friend of mine had a load of 40s buttons, I jumped at the chance to snatch them up. I finally decided that these 40s bakelite pinwheel buttons was just what this 50s shirtwaist needed. And yes, I mix decades, I love it, I don't like to be held to just one decade at a time. I mix and match as often as I can!! So Voila! The finished product, and I couldn't be happier:) 
 Dooney & Burke Purse ~ Hot House Market
The Perfect Black 60s Flats ~ Honey Talk Vintage 
 Charm Bracelet ~ thrifted years ago, about 10 years actually
Vintage Rings pictures above ~ both gifts 18 years ago:) 
 Buttons ~ Knee Deep Vintage 
Belt ~ Taken off another dress for the day;) 
 Turquoise and Sterling Silver Ring ~ another gift from 18 years ago

Our Studio where we have our vintage backstock and do our photoshoots for the Etsy page.