Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chicago White Out!

It's Blizzard time! Of all the winters I have experienced, this one has been a breeze. Despite what people may be saying, we had a long fall season, it really didn't turn cold til the end of December. And we've had snow but nothing substantial...until now! Last night was out first real blizzard in over a decade! It is now being referred to as Snowpocalypse and Snowmageddon. I mean really people, stay inside and its really something amazing to watch outside your window. When I awoke this morning, over 2 feet of snow had fallen over a 24 hour period. It looked quite amazing outside. I now have not been able to leave my apartment in 48 hours. It's been quite relaxing. I rearranged my apt, swapped my studio and my bedroom and I must say, I am loving the change! 
So this got me in the mood to try a few new things with my camera. I have quite a large shop update and I only managed to photograph about 10 new items. I apologize that my shop update is small but I was not very happy with my photography. Soon I will figure this out!

Until then, I hope you are all safe and warm. Spring will soon be here! Here is my Dethrose Shop Update and don't forget about your VALENTINE coupon code to save 15% off :)

The pictures are always so grainy. Very frustrating. More studying is needed....

Don't forget if you live in the Chicago area and love Vintage Clothing, you can visit me in 2 areas! 
Vintage Heaven 
This weekend Feb 5th & 6th 
1550 N Milwaukee Ave 2nd FL
Chicago, IL
Krispy Fringe Vintage
4725 N. Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 


Rhonda said...

Next time I visit home, Chicago, I will most likely stop into these two stores. I hope I have time in April.

PS I'm a blog friend of Amy's. Love your blog and style.

Auguste said...

Will definitely be looking you up when I move back to Chicago next month.