Monday, October 25, 2010

Shop Update and Little Treats for Myself

Tonight has been a relaxing night of sitting down with my computer and listing my Etsy Shop updates for Dethrose Vintage. While my life has a lot of changes going on, I am trying to stay grounded and relaxed. It's not an easy task, considering anxiety runs in my family:} I have way too much to do to let all this interfere with a busy life. Very soon I will be taking 4 days to go see my family in Southern Illinois. It could not come soon enough honestly. I need to quite and serene atmosphere to put all my worries and over thinking to rest. It's also such an inspiring area to visit as well. Old farm houses, gorgeous farm land and state parks to roam through. Antiques galore and little vintage sales here and there.

I can't wait to take some more photos while I'm there! I am going to get some great accessories from the 40's while I am visiting and I will be sure to take pictures this time around. Last time I didn't take advantage of the scenery, the time just always slips by me so fast while I'm there.

1960's Sheer Ruffled Blouse & Mod Print Pencil Skirt both Small

1980's Ivory Ruffled Turtleneck Sweater (Med-Large)
1960's Candy Pink Silk Blend Dress (Small)
1960's Camel Swing Coat (Medium)
1950's Junior's Gingham Dress (XXSmall)
1960's Bright PInk Floral Day Dress (Small)
1960's Jonathan Logan Argyle Mini Dress (Xsmall-Small)

Until then, here is the new shop updates. I hope to add even more tomorrow:) Night night everyone!


TresLunas said...

wow, you have an amazing look so pretty!!! i follow you!

Katty Huertas said...

I love your vintage girly look, plus you are beautifil