Sunday, October 17, 2010


This is the weekend I have been waiting for! The big photo shoot! It's going to be so exciting, so please wish me luck. The outfits, the scenery and just the vision behind this all will be so much fun to show all of you. Dethrose Vintage and the Former name Max & Chloe will finally be explained. This is going to be the story I have been waiting to share with everyone who ever can remember the childhood dreams vividly.

Until then, here are some new shop updates!

1970's Lavender & Lilac Dress with Vest (small) 
*Coming Soon!

1960's Brown Leather Handbag
*Coming Soon!

1 comment:

Isa said...

Cannot. wait. for the pics! And the story... YUM! Now pls listen to this: I NEED THAT 80s BOLERO!!! Will you pls save it for me if you think it will fit me? I have pretty large shoulders... Just so you have an idea that beige corduroy jacket I got from you fit me perfectly. Miss you! Hope I can see you soon!