Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back in Town

I briefly got to go home for the weekend. Those weekends are never long enough. Time fly by way to quickly, shopping at little antique shops and church rummage sales are always the highlight of the trips. This time I got home to my surprise with all kinds of goodies waiting for me. My beautiful mother and sister had gotten me some amazing accessories from a barn sale across the river from my home town. Velvet little bags, beaded clutches, pill box hats with netting and my new favorite tapestry handbag! I loved each and every item:) I have been on a velvet and lace kick lately. Luckily this trip I got to fulfill that want for more. I want Dethrose Vintage to be filled with very LUXE items this fall and winter. So far so good, I left with numerous velvet skirts, dress and accessories, silks and leathers. And Fur! I have been listing like mad since I got back. I just had to show everyone all the great things for Fall & Winter Dethrose will have to offer:) Tis the season!

Aside from the shopping, I loved being able to enjoy the crisp fall weather Southern Illinois was having. On Saturday night we had a little Bonfire with delicious food and cider. My Brother Jon and My lovely sister in law Heidi are some of the best hosts for a little BBQ. They made the setting feel so warm and cozy and really made it feel like Hallow's Eve. Toasted Marshmallow's, hot dogs, Macaroni and roasted cheddar cauliflower soup! Yummy! It was so perfect, the exact kind of evening I needed. Seeing everyone, my sister Amy and her husband Rudy and my little nephew Brooklyn who is growing so fast and getting cuter by the minute. My niece Isobel and nephew Alan, who I don't get to see nearly enough. Two of my three brothers, Mark and Jon, missed you David! My sister in law Heidi, adorable and possibly the sweetest human on the planet! And my mom, who I wish I could see more and more, It was very hard saying goodbye. It always is.

To much dismay, most o my photos didn't turn out quite right but here are a few of the night. 

You can't tell in this photo, but that dummy gives me the heebee geebees!! But I mean how perfect is this setting for the time of year! This is the only to have a Bonfire BBQ in my opinion, surrounded by antiques and neat little things. Have I said how much I love my home and family?! 
Dress: Antique Mall
Vest: Lovestory Vintage
Floral Tights: U.O.
Eitenne Boots: Vintage Heaven
Cameo Brooch and Jewelry: Estate Sales
I love it here!
Dusk by the Koi pond and Summer kitchen....
Before the evening began, I took advantage of our home scenery and snapped a few shots. I love this dress, you will be seeing a lot more of it! And can you believe how long my hair is finally getting?! I am so very excited, however I am always so tempted to chop it all off!

The best Autumn Hallow's Eve display.

The buffet that was later filled with yummy delicious food!
Where the pumpkin contest was displayed.
I mean, come on, how perfect is this?!

I want this in my living room now! Jon and Heidi have so many amazing antiques, it truly made the evening so cozy:)


 The pumpkin carving began, I was new to this....
My failed Homer Simpson Jack-O-Lantern! LOL! I tried:)
Oh man, that dummy is even creepier at night!

 I loved all the little details of the evening. 

 I wish you could make out my outfit here, I had gotten the most beautiful little black velvet hat for the evening and a new dress at Anthropologie. Looks like I will have another blog post about this outfit.


the snail and the cyclops said...

Jon and Heidi have the BEST collection of antiques!!!! This night must have been pure magic!

Dethrose Vintage said...

They really do, there's always things I haven't even seen yet when I visit. Everytime I go home, my family has more and more things to discover! Its so nice to leave the city...especially on Holidays:)

TresLunas said...

great pics!!i like them =)