Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Miss Me???

Oh man it feels so good to be on the internet and finally connected to the outside world. I have been without internet for over a week now. I am currently sitting in a coffee shop across from my house just so I could finally get to work on Dethrose Vintage. Unfortunately this lil shop is only open till midnight so that doesn't give me much time. As long as I can post my new items and give you all an update of my shop and my new Apt!! I love it so much I can't even explain. Those photos will be coming a little later when I have internet access at home, 1 more day:), but I will give you a little peek at Dethrose's new photo space. Who needs a dining room?? I made mine a reading room and photo set. 

Anyway, here are some of the new goodies I have been dying to show you:)

1960's Turquoise Floral Sheath Dress (Xs-Small) 

1950's Navy Check Cotton Day Dress (M-L)

1980's Black Ankle Booties (Size 8)

1960's Burberry London Cashmere Sweater (Med)
*scarf for sale too
1950's Gold Cocktail Heels with box and original receipt (Size 8)

1980's Take a Seat Skirt (Xs-Small)
*Sweater may be for sale tomorrow...I might keep it;)

1950's Sheer Navy Organza Cocktail Dress (Xs-Small)

1970's Brown Riding Boots (Size 8)


thatdamngreendress said...

Love those gold cocktail heels.

and the chairs skirt is so special- mine, mine, mine...

Vintage Heaven said...

I'm dying for the seat chair, gold shoes and navy dress (and that white bow on yr hair). <3

Vintage Heaven said...

I mean navy BLUE dress...