Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Dreamy Dress

I always frequent my favorite shops and blogs daily. Mostly for inspiration and to check and see what my fellow vintage ladies are up to. I always bookmark items they may have for sale, hoping to snatch them up quick. More often than not, my favorite items are bought 2 seconds before I hit that add to cart button. But this time I lucked out and time was on my side! I was shopping in the lovely Quincy's Etsy shop, Q's Daydream, when I came across these amazing burgundy Eitenne Aigner boots. I quickly emailed Quincy asking to hold them for me and before I knew I came across the most dreamy dress. I mean this dress was meant for me to own. It was slightly too big but I knew I could make it work and eventually have it fitted to me. I mean, you know what it is like to want something so bad that no matter the size you will find a way to make it work. That is precisely what I did. I made it fit and I wore it today and felt amazing in it. 

I always shop Q's before any of the girls I "know" through this lil ol' blogging world because we have very similar interests in our style and old movie stars. Quincy is a beautiful quirky girl hailing from Nashville and if you don't follow her blog I suggest you start! Go here! Her obsession with Elvis is too cute and her posts are always an entertaining read. I hope to put together a little interview of some my favorite bloggers and she will be one of the firsts for sure! 

Here are some photos from today of this dress I fell for. And what a better place to snap photos of this dress  than in front of my Bird wall! Sooooo Cute, I think it is becoming one of my favorite parts of my new apartment! Photos of the boots too this week!

**And notice how long my hair is getting!! I'm so excited to have long hair again...

Dress: Q's Daydream
Belt: Thrift
Pocket Watch: Thrift (I added the Necklace)
Bracelets and Rings: Estate Sales


Amy said...

Love the bird wall and the pocket watch.
I can't wait to go shopping together soon!!!

thatdamngreendress said...

Sweet dress, and I absolutely adore the bird wall!

Q's Daydream said...

That dress was MEANT for you! You look amazing!
Aww, and you're making me blush with those sweeter than sweet words!
Dress trade, like sooooo soon! K?

Fabiola "Fab" said...

I just found you via Q's Daydream dress. She's a dear friend of mine.

The dress looks wonderful on you!
Have a wonderful day.

annierama said...

I want to have this dress! It suits you really perfect and I don´t really think that I could pull it off , but honestly : you CAN!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh gosh that dress is so nice, the floral pattern included is so wonderful too.

Isa said...

Sad cos this dress is not in my blog... How could I miss this?!?