Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So many things...

I have so many things to do today, tomorrow and the next...

I have way too many things to show you! Shop updates, more pics from home, new treasures and well, just basically things I am excited for right now. So what to do first?! I'm going to pick...Things I love right now. Yep, thats it. Things I love, mostly items in my home, the stuff that makes you feel at home.

I have always wanted a home full of interested things to look at. Things that remind me of who I am, where I came from and kept little memories of my childhood or family. This seems so small, but for the first time in about 5 years I feel at home. 

I love floral art work, whether its paintings, drawings or collogues. The large floral illustrations are from the 40's that I found in a basement of an estate. The lovely 60's 3 tiered lamp, the glass colors didn't get picked up by the camera but they pink, yellow and blue. So subtle, it lights up the room in such a warm way.

 My favorite coffee table book. A life full of love and sadness. No one is as perfect as they seem.
 My little friends....
 Hello? Hello? Little Rotary phone from the 50's that was too cute for me not to own!
 Wind up clock from the 60's that works better than any other clock I have.
 In my apartment, birds and kitties get along quite well:)
 Hoot. Hoot.
 Not really sure what the point of this is, but I found this little acorn at a yard sale and when I picked it up, it rattled. Opened it and I found a little tiny Squirrel inside. So cute, I could scream!
 My favorite birds and flowers.
How cute is this little Donkey and Pony? They used to have a little Deer friend, but her leg broke in the move. I am still trying to glue it.
 Lace and flower plate.
 Brocade table covering with my bird platter and Amber glass candy dish. Perfection!
 This is my most favorite lamp. I was so ecstatic when I found it and plugged it in to find it still working. And it was only $2! 
 The best house warming present ever from my sister Amy! 1960's tapestry foot stool. Just what my needlepoint, tapestry obsession was missing:)
 Faux wicker basket from the 1960's. I saw this at an estate sale and had to have it. The I opened it and realized it was so much more...
 ...inside to my surprise...doilies and lace linens...
 ...and a complete sewing kit!!
 Filled with trim, thread, snaps, hooks, buttons, interfacing, patterns, everything!!
 And Last but not least, my most favorite thing....
1960's J.C. Higgins White Leather Ice Skates. I was shooting pictures for Dethrose the other day and came to the conclusion that my fall and winter items were missing something. I thought, How cute would it be to shoot all the new sweaters and coats with a pair of vintage ice skates? A then TaDa, I went to an estate sale and found these lovely things! 
 Can't wait to show em off on Dethrose! 


ina said...

Oh, the sewing box is great!

Vintage Heaven said...

I really need to come back here with more time but for now: LOVE THESE!!