Friday, November 26, 2010


It's all about timing. To have great photos in my apartment, I have to time it perfectly with the best light of day. Since I usually am working during that small time this occurs, I am often unimpressed with the photos I take here. It's now 1am and I thought I would see what the pictures would look like. Once again, blah. I have to either wake up super early, or be at home at high noon. I must wake up early and get a head start with the sun. Not tomorrow, but maybe Sunday? Haha, we'll see:) But I photo shopped these to look half way decent. 

I love this little corner of my apartment. I've collected these suitcase over the past year and I just them as decoration. Not to mention the fact that I use them for storage. But in the morning, gee it just looks so beautiful! And this is the same dress I photographed at my family's home for sale. I just don't think I can part with it though. It's just so darn cute! 

Here is the difference....
So much better! I didn't have to color correct this at all! Morning light is the best light. 


Amy said...

the photos look great but those shoes!!!!

Dakota C. Walsh said...

Oh my goodness, you/your apartment/that dress are incredibly gorgeous!
I love your blog and am following : )