Sunday, November 7, 2010

1st Sunday of November

I am off work today, not really, I am working away from AG and Dethrose Vintage is at Heaven's Gallery for our monthly Vintage Heaven Sale. It's a little slow so I thought, what a better time than to do a quick little blog post.

The other night I went to go see a friends show at Subterranean, a little music venue here in Chicago. It being Autumn now, I took full advantage of the colors and wore my new favorite dress and hat I just got back home with my family. The dress is from Anthropologie, I had been stalking it for months, visiting it every week at the store. Well, my sisters wanted to go to Anthropologie and I went into the sale room and I saw the collar poking out on the rack. Oh my! It was on sale!! Not just marked down once, but twice! It was meant to be, I nabbed it asap. My other favorite new purchase from Anthropologie are the shoes!! Specially made for Anthropologie from the shoe brand Seychelles. They look like the perfect blend of vintage and modern. A splurge indeed, but it was totally worth it. Then we went to a little Antique shop and I wasn't really having any luck the first stop in, but then my mom and I went back a little later and I found this lovely black velvet hat with a peach ribbon around the crown. Absolutely gorgeous, and it was only $5! Once again, totally meant to be. The perfect fall items for my wardrobe.

Last but not least is the coat. A couple of weeks ago when I went to visit my friends Katie and Richie in Rockton for our collaborative photo shoot, Katie gave me this lovely coat. I mean gorgeous, Black wool, with wool buttons and the softest white fur trim with 3Q sleeves and matching long wool gloves. I could not wait to wear it. The day was perfect, the first cold day in weeks and the chill in the air was perfect for my hat. Don't you wish more people wore hats! Every time I wear a hat out, people stare at me like I'm crazy. I mean, It's a hat! Hats are meant to be worn, on your head. Some people like looking their best when they go out. I wear jeans all day at work and love them, but when I am off I like to take advantage of the nice dress clothes I never get to wear.

So this was the outcome of the outfit...

 Black Wool Coat with Fur and Matching Gloves: Katie <3
Shoes: Anthropologie
Velvet Black Bag: A lovely gift from my Mom <3
Hat: Keils Antique Store
The Dress!! You can't really tell but the print are different kinds of Buttons. And it has a full skirt slip underneath! 

Shoes: Anthropologie
 I never repeat outfits but I will be this season! I love this, it felt so comfortable and so me as soon as I put it on.

Here is a close up of some of the accessories. I will take more soon of the ones my sister and mom got me later.

Not only are the accessories my favorite but I love the chair!

The Most comfortable shoes too! I have worn the to work, and shopping. I can literally stand in the all day. No joke! 

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Amy said...

wow it was all meant to be worn together the outcome was great!
When did you go back to Keils, after STL???