Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Loud and Clear

So I have heard from a great deal of you and emails came in and its unanimous. No dress form, you all want me to model the clothing. While I am flattered, I will be using the the dress form for the next few things. I do both I think, so here is the comparison, along with more Dethrose shop updates.

Ps. Thanks for all the sweet compliments too:)

1940's Cheongsam Dress
1950's Loretta Square Dance Dress

1960's Dolly Square Dance Dress
50's Sky Blue Day Dress

Now the new stuff on Dethrose with my favorite new pictures!
 1950's Birdie Black Day Dress 

1940's Starlight Dress
1960's Sunday Child Mini Dress
1960's Wintuk Cable Cardigan

1960's Berries and Cream Velvet Mini Dress
*I think I'm keeping this one;)

1960's Asian Inspired Blue Velvet Dress

1960's Black Velvet Cocktail Dress


Amy said...


Amy said...

btw, did I miss were the flower in your hair came from, LOVE IT!!