Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chicago Gals Meet up!

If you have been following along, the past few posts have been regarding my busy week/weekend. Another event that I was lucky enough to be invited to and able to attend was a lovely blogger Chicago meet up arranged by the lovely Lisa from Archives Vintage. The meet up took place in the amazing neighborhood of Pilsen at Deliciously Vintage. The place was perfectly adorned with amazing vintage, lil gift bags for all of us and yummy treats made for us by Lisa herself.

It was so nice to see some familiar faces and to meet some new ones! There are so many great blogs out there, so many it's hard to keep up, so when some of my favorites are in the same room it's hard not to geek out on one another. I first met most of the ladies through a vintage sale of some kind. I met Emily from Sartoriography for the first time about a year and half ago at Vintage Bazaar, which is coming upon us once again Sept 18th. Emily, very witty and very lovely, has a blog that is worth putting in your daily blogroll! Lisa from Archives I first met last summer at Vintage Heaven. If you haven't already, you should definitely check out her shop! I am currently coveting about 3 items right now:)

A familiar face whom I see all over this city, sales, flea markets, the grocery store, is Leilani from Thriftaholic. Leilani and I share numerous obsessions, thrifting, tapestry handbags and full skirted dresses! Her blog not only makes you swoon over her finds but it gives you a look into fun events happening all over the city. It has been a daily read of mine for over a year and literally once a month, if not more, Leilani educates me on something I could possibly be missing out on here in this great city! 

Here are the shots from the party that I took and some Sara from It's About the Look took. She was so sweet to email me all the shots she got for us ladies! And of course some fun ones that Leilani and I just had to do of us twirling. I mean what's the point of wearing a full pleated skirted dress if you aren't going to have a twirling moment in a day. Let alone finding someone else who shares the same joy:)

 The sweet treats:) Thank you for all the goodies!!
 Lisa, Emily, Andrea and Tabitha enjoying a laugh. I adore how this photo turned out! Andrea runs one of my favorite blogs Blonde Bedhead and she happens to be one of the sweetest ladies!

 My favorite vintage dress I have at the moment. 1950's polka dot pleated dress with the most gorgeous neckline detail! You will be seeing this dress again, mostly likely very soon, as I am completely GAGA for it!

Red Patent Shoes ~ Sofft from Zappos
Tapestry Handbag ~ JenStyle Chic Vintage
Ring ~ Estate Sale
1950s Carousel Bracelet ~ Bunny's Trunk Show

And let the laughter and twirling begin!
 The picture below is possibly my fav!
 Nope, this one is definitely my favorite one!
 The bags!

Now for some candid shots Sara caught. I have been told on numerous occasions that I am very animated when I tell stories. I have had people video tape me, take photos and what not just to prove it to me. Well, I have to share these silly and goofy photos that rarely make it onto the blog. LOL, I look so ridiculous:) Love it!  
 I hope you all had a great weekend! 


Emma Robertson said...

This dress is amazing! I would be gaga over it to!


Anonymous said...

I am gaga over your polka dot dress as well--indeed, over your entire blog. I've not explored vintage very much, but with your inspiring photos (and red lipstick), I am sure to begin. Your newest follower!

Lisa - Archives Vintage said...

im so glad you were able to make it, despite having family in town!!! it was great to catch up a bit - not just a passing hello when we're busy at a vintage sale! :)

you looked FABULOUS, and those twirling photos of you and Leilani are priceless!

sartoriography said...

Eeeek, we're SO CUTE! There are so many great photos. I love how pretty and yet hilarious you look in the photos; I'm totally sold on a woman who can be beautiful and a total goofball at the same time.

So glad to have met you all the time ago and to now get to see you at events like this. Now please, stop being so gorgeous. It hurts my eyes! ;)

andrea k (blonde bedhead) said...

Love these photos and I absolutely loved your outfit on Saturday! Gorgeous lady!

Rhonda said...

I love this post, your photos are the best! Chicago gals are the best!

Sophie-Marie said...

I'm in LOVE with this outfit. The dress, the shoes, the bag... The navy blue and red! perfect colours together... Simply splendid. I am now your newest fan!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

I had such a good time twirling with you for these photos, we definitely need to take some pictures in our neighborhood soon! It would definitely be wonderful to see you at more blogger meetups, if nothing else I'll see you at the Vintage Bazaar for sure and you should visit me at the Renegade Craft Fair (I'll be at my friend Albert's booth both days).