Friday, August 26, 2011

Are you Green?!

Environmentally speaking that is. No matter what your reasons are for loving vintage fashion and buying it, just know that you are contributing to making the earth a wee bit better. Wearing and buying vintage IS a way of recycling. It's very rare I wear something that isn't vintage, I mean head to toe from my shoes to my hair accessories, it's all Vintage. Usually when its not, it's either a gift or something I have had for a while. Now, I am not one who will judge someone for not wearing vintage or not being environmentally conscious of the clothing on their back. I too slip now and again and buy from Anthropologie:)

Anyway, here is my "Green" outfit for today while visiting home. Aside from the flower rings, everything is VINTAGE:) 

Also, for all my readers on the east coast and those with family there, my thoughts are with you and please, please stay safe. My brother David & my sister in law Angie, who made an appearance in my last few posts, live in North-East Florida and for bit there we were very worried. But they are both safe and sound! I hope the same goes to you and your loved ones <3

1950s Linen Dress ~ Bombshell Shocked Vintage
Wooden Necklace ~ Estate Sale
1960s Tapestry Bag ~ Antique Mall
FanFare 1970s Shoes ~ JenStyle Chic Vintage
Two Small Bakelite Rings ~ Thrifted 
Carousel Charm Bracelet ~ Bunny's Trunk Show
I am in love with this handbag, look at the chain! It's super long and so comfy to carry.
 I have been trying new things with my new found love for french braiding. Today I started the braid upside down and then pinned the tail to the side. I can't wait to see what I come up with as my hair continues to grow! I haven't had this long of hair in 4 years!!
 All pictures taken by me in my backyard:)
 I'm going to see Deerhunter, Cat Power and The Roots tomorrow night! What do you all have planned for the weekend??


alittlevintagestory said...

Gorgeous! Being green by buying vintage allows me to justify the purchase of yet another lovely vintage 50s dress :-) xx Fran

Emma Robertson said...

Ohhh, love this green on you! Such an amazing dress. I plan on doing a ton of relaxing this weekend!


Hep~Kitten said...

The color of that dress is amazing!! That is also one of my favorite things of buying vintage goodies is that we are helping the environment.

Nelly said...

I love this dress and green is my favourite colour as well.I frocked myself up in green in my last post too.

blouse said...

your dress is to die for! i just love it! you are totally right about the environmental perks of vintage. it's terribly sad to think of all those polyester pieces of clothing sitting in the earth taking a lifetime to decompose when lovely ladies like us could be wearing them!

so excited to find a kindred spirit! gonna go check out your shop!


thatdamngreendress said...

I also love that one-of-a-kind aspect of wearing vintage. Wowza, this dress is so phenomenally gorgeous- and I love the fun you're having with the print melding with the bushes behind. Scrumptious. I want it... (the dark side of one-of-a-kind pieces!)

Sara C. said...

The dress is amazing. incredible: it looks like a Prada...
Have a lovely day
Sara C.

ravenouscreatures said...

Love how your look fits into the natural landscape of where you chose to shoot. It looks awesome!

Lillian Davenport said...

I agree wholeheartedly about wearing vintage and the environmental friendliness inherent therein! For instance, I refuse to wear fur.. unless it's vintage--all the fabulousness, and zero guilt!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

I'm officially jealous of your apartment, not only do you have a second bedroom for all your vintage goodies you have a yard with GRASS. So rare in the city!

I love all your hair updos, I'm so lazy about styling mine. Of course your dress is wonderful, the shade of green really suits you and the shape and pattern is quintessential '50s!

Laura Rowe said...

Thats a really great dress, and your hair is amazing! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your chictopia page! What a lovely blog you have! xx

Max and Chloe Vintage said...
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Dethrose Vintage said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments!

Leilani~ This post is from my home down south. I have a small yard here but sadly no trees.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

That dress *swoons*

sacramento said...

I adore you, your blog, and that fabulous dress and bag, so inspiring.