Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Family Part 1

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, my family came to visit and we did a lot! Walking around this glorious city was one of em! My brother David walks everywhere if given the chance. So on Thursday afternoon we spent time walking, 13 miles to be exact! So here it is, me outta my vintage:)

 David and his beloved Cubs hat!
 The Lake and the city both looked gorgeous! I wanted to jump in the water so bad! 

The next day my mom, my best friend Kat and David spent the day shopping, more walking and eating scrumptious food! 
 David has a hard time posing for pics!
 My Almond Raspberry Pancakes. I couldn't even eat half! We went to Milk & Honey on Division. The pancakes were so good no syrup necessary! The Americano was delish!

 Ok so the humidity was intense, which made my hair intense. Lol! Also I am so sleepy in this picture! I only got about 3 hours of sleep the night before:(  The dress is my new fav! Its an olive green corduroy dress from Anthro. So comfy and I love the 50s silhouette!

Later that evening we went to dinner with Davids wife Angie and her parents. Followed by a late night stroll downtown. I had to visit the new Marilyn art installation. My mom got much better photos, l hope to get them soon to show to you.
 David and I on the Michigan Street Bridge. I got a bunch with Angie and my mom but they weren't on my phone:(
More to come later! Also check out Dethrose Vintage and my shop update!


Vintage Market Place said...

looks like a lot of fun was had, wish I could have been there.
Oh David, the camera is your friend

Rhonda said...

I miss home so much, thank you, I truly enjoyed seeing Chicago through your eyes.

Do know of Hubba Hubba????

ina said...

Oh mine those pancakes I could eat...

rudy said...

David takes pictures like Chandler Bing.

Dethrose Vintage said...

Rudy! Thats what I said!!!