Monday, May 30, 2011

Rain, Vintage, Antiques and Finally Sunshine...

Sorry for the long absence! It has been almost 2 weeks since my last post, which should prove to you just how busy I have been! Not only has my blog been neglected, but I have also neglected my shop!  No more! This week will be full of post and about 20-40 new pieces added to the shop. I spent today taking photos and I will be hopefully adding them tonight or tomorrow morning. 

Why am I so busy you ask? This weekend was the opening day of the Randolph Street Market. My brother and I had amazing new items to show off, so we had spent the last 2 weeks prepping for this huge event. Not only did we have that going on, we also were asked to participate on WGN's midday fix & WIC talking about the Market and promoting Dethrose Vintage!!! I was a nervous wreck and it really didn't help that the news anchor was not prepared at all! My shop is about 2 minutes in...

Watch the WGN clip here: 

Our display looked so good and my friend Heather looked absolutely amazing in the 50's Blue Dress. The best part about this weekend was the great feedback my Brother and I received! Everyone adores our booth and are always so amazed by Jon's collection...can you blame them??? Needless to say, despite the awful weather Chicago endured this weekend, our sale was a huge success. People braved the monsoon that hit and supported our little family business and made all the hard work totally worth it! Jon I know you read my blog, hopefully you see Chicago needs us to open up a shop in the very near future;)

I was bummed the dress I had on wasn't shown better but here it is upclose:) 
 Late 30's Silk Floral Print Dress: Niou Niou Vintage on Etsy
Sunglasses: Target
70's Wedges: Thrifted

BirdCage Necklace: Wooly Mammoth Oddities & Antiques

 1960's Green Vinyl Handbag: Thrifted
 Betty Barettes: Estate Sale

I will be posting little things here and there about this weekend through out the week, along with Dethrose Shop Updates! 

And don't forget if you are in the Chicago area June 11th & 12th stop by RGB Lounge for a spectacular Vintage Sale!

See ya tomorrow! 


Anonymous said...

i was in your booth, talking to you, and didn't realize that you were you until i started recognizing dresses! and then you were gone, so i couldn't say hi, isn't that silly?!

i was thinking about all of you vendors on sunday during the monsoon-i can't believe you braved that weather, but i'm glad the weekend was a success :)

Midwest Mayhem said...

I lived in Chicago for 7 years and never went to this event, now I'm really regretting it!

Amy said...

wow, were you outside
Saw the tv spot, YAY!!!
Congrats on all yours and Jons success!
See, you put your heart in to the thing you love the most and it comes back to you 10 fold!!!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Congratulations on the TV spot, I'm glad you posted a clip as I missed the live presentation. You did a great job (your friend DOES look adorable in that dress) but the anchor was super awkward... am wondering if she prepared at all for the spot?

Your Betty barrettes are the perfect accessory since you remind me so much of the Mad Men character.

Dethrose Vintage said...

Misc- I am sorry I missed you! Did we talk at all??

Amy- Thanks! I have a lot to tell you:)

Lelani- It was great seeing you! I am very jealous I didn't get to hang out with all you bloggers, it would have been nice to meet and get to know everyone better!