Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back on track

I am so glad to be reunited with my computer. I can't believe I lasted a week with no blog or etsy contact. I feel like it has been like a month! I went back home for some much needed relaxation and even more needed shopping. I was able to come back with some amazing vintage finds! So amazing, I'm still not sure what to sell and what to keep. However, this post will be dedicated to an up coming event I need to share with you.

Saturday, May 14th, will be the Vintage and Antique pop up shop everyone is waiting for. The Vintage Bazaar!! Now, in the past, my booth is true to my style, vintage clothing and accessories galore. This time it will be that and so much more. I got a bigger space at this seasons Bazaar and will be sharing it with my brother Jon. Jon has the most unbelievable Antique collection! And hopefully this sale will encourage Jon to start that family business with me;) wink wink!
This weekend I was able to head down to Southern Illinois to help Jon at the Mayestown Antique Fair. Take a look at his booth and see the wonderful goodies that he will be bringing here to Chicago for all of you to enjoy. Hands down Jon's booth was the best booth at the entire show. So many were buzzing about it, going around telling others how his collection was by far the most interesting and amazing! I was oh so proud of my brother! I know Chicago will fall in love with his collection. So here it all is and if you see something you love please email me and I will give you more details:)

 Antique Camera (still in working order)
Victorian Floral Picture Boxes

 Ventriloquist Head

Vintage Toys & Games!
 Ventriloquist Dummy
The caged bird here dates back to 1880 France. It is a real bird, most likely someone's pet, mechanical and in perfect condition. Tweets like a real bird. This was the talk of the fair! 
It was too much fun to pose the Seal Puppet and Dummy! 

So there you have it, not only will you have Dethrose Vintage's collection but you will have Jon's at The Vintage Bazaar 

So here are the other photos from Mayestown:)
 The most glorious Homemade Ice Cream Shop!

 Skirt and Blouse will be for sale this coming week!

Cutest little town! I will be back next year for sure! 


Amy said...

oh I love that show and the town is so darn quaint
How I wish I could have also been home for it.
Jon's collection always knocks me out.
I want it all!!!
I wish you both the best of luck!

thatdamngreendress said...

I love your photos of the trip- wish I could go there. Your charming country-girl getup is very, uh, charming too! red skirts and boots FTW...

EstateChicago said...

There is my seal! I saw Zap got the light bulb! Thant piece was killer!