Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shop Update Pt 2...

So here is Part 2 of this weeks shop date. 3 will be on the way tomorrow along with some great news for Dethrose Vintage and myself...but you'll just have to wait and see:)

Here is the update, the last dress isn't a part of the update, I need to know if I should keep it or not. Despite it being a super dreamy dress, it's a bit too big but the belt takes care of this issue. What are your thoughts?

 1950's Lady Bird Dutch "Dead Stock" Day Dress $68 SOLD

 1950's Gingham Shake, Rock & Roll Dress Set (Small) 
*do I keep??? Help!!

xoxo, Karyn


Amy said...

Oh it is adorable but I say let it go live with someone that it really fits.

Miin said...

I thought it looks lovely on you, and can't tell it is big. Keep!