Monday, April 11, 2011

Best Weekend This Year!

Anyone who lives here in Chicago or visits frequently knows that its the best city! We Chicagoans brave the miserable long winters because we know how wonderful this city is when just a hint of warmth shines upon us! Saturday was perfect, sun, 68 degrees and mild wind. I started my Saturday at 6am for estate sales and antique mall shopping! Then yesterday was a whopping 88 degrees!! Oh man did we take advantage and love every minute of it! Whoa, every sentence ended with an exclamation point, hahaha, that's how good it was:) 

I left my apartment in the afternoon and did not return until 1am. It was warm the entire time, running into friends left and right. Walking in the sun enjoying Latte's, fruit salad in the Park with friends soaking up the sun. Taking a billion photos and ending the warm evening with tasty Jameson's with Ginger Ale, yummy! 

Now if only Chicago could keep it going, but alas, it will be in the low 40's by this weekend. Here's to living in a bi-polar city;) Oh well, here are some fun pics of our day:0 

Oh, and keep posted to Dethrose tonight! New items will be posted.

 My most favorite skirt! I've been waiting so long to wear it!! 1950's Gorgeous Floral with an attached petticoat:) 

 1960's Raffia Egg Shaped Bag
Dolce Vita Platform Wedges

All Jewelry from an Estate Sale this weekend! 

 Una Mae's awesome lighting fixtures.
 My new obsession, finding a bright green 60's couch!
 Isn't perfect for me!?!?

Next stop was Wicker Park for some Leisure time! Heather spotted this adorable little French Bulldog named Gary:) So cute and so very sweet!


We happened to run into my friends Louis and Ken just lounging, seriously I ran into everyone I know and/or have ever met yesterday! 

 My sad face when Louis and Ken told me it was going to rain:( 

But it never did! It has been gorgeous for a total of 72 hours now, you're on a roll Chicago! Thanks for the wonderful weekend!



Q's Daydream said...

The weekend was perfect here too! I adore your outfit!!!
It's funny I've been hemming my blue circle skirt (be hand) today, so I can wear it with cute crop tops! I'm already planning an outfit post, haha! xo

The Attic People said...

Gorgeous skirt, I love the print its so perfect for summer :)

thatdamngreendress said...

gorgeous skirt- I can't wait 'til we get that first 'heatwave' for sandals and bare legs. It's true though, I'm sure we appreciate those beautiful days so much more than if we had them all the time...

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Loving that skirt. Loving Gary even more.

Amy said...

aah that dog is too adorable!!!
looks like it was a lovely spring day
and that skirt is fun!

Sara said...

Very lovely outfit! And so is your wallet!

autumn, coffee and inspiration

Anonymous said...

beautiful skirt! I just love the whole outfit!