Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring Forward!

Chicago is experiencing warmth finally! We've been under this frozen tundra for far too long and today the high was 45! I know, I know, this doesn't seem warm to some, but for me it feels like the first days of spring! I mean everything just seems brighter and better when the sun is shining and you don't have to leave your home layered to the point you can barely move your arms! To walk to bus and still feel your face and feet is truly a dream come true. Normally, we have winter winds and snow til about April, so here's me crossing my fingers that this is a sign of an early spring! I am so ready to be wearing skirts and dresses with out tights or a giant coat covering up all the cuteness! It's supposed to be even warmer tomorrow! A high of 57:) Yowwza! I can't wait:) 

A lot of really great things will be coming to Dethrose for the month of March. I have a huge vintage showcase I am doing here in the Chicago Suburb of Elgin. It's called the Cat's Pajamas and it is Feb 25th Starting at 5pm and Feb 26th Starting at 10am. Log onto Facebook HERE and find out more:) People all over the world travel to go these shows and collect all the wonderful vintage us vendors have to offer. Over the course of 2 months I have been collecting like mad to prepare for this little sale. I have everything from little 30's blouses, to 1940's Suits & Dresses, 20's Gowns and accessories to go absolutely coo-coo over! So if you're not in the Chicago area and unable to travel for such sale, do not fret! I will be posting anything and everything that does not sell on Etsy the following week beginning March 1st. Just in time for a spectacular spring season!

Until then, I really wanted to do something special for all your readers and customers! And I think I may have gone a little overboard...
First, I mentioned to you in my last post about my special little giveaway I am doing for MouseVox Vintage followers. Feb 20th I will be doing a drawing for a $25 GC to use at Dethrose on Etsy. To enter simply visit her blog and leave a comment:) 
Second, $7 sale is still in effect til Feb25th. So be sure to take advantage of that!
Third, Facebook fans receive a special promo discount at checkout. But you have to be a fan of my Dethrose page. So log on and click (like) HERE.
And Finally! To get ready for all the new Spring Inventory coming I am having a 15% Sale on winter inventory. Just go to the Special Savings section on Dethrose Vintage where I added 37 items to the sale!

Okay, that's that. Lastly, I will leave you on a personal note. Rarely do I talk about anything personal going on in my life, but I really must share. Yesterday I became the proud owner of this beautiful cat. I went to the Chicago Treehouse Organization for abandoned and rescue cats to adopt a special kitty in need of much love and care. I knew I wanted an older cat, they always seem to get adopted last:( And i knew I wanted a rescue, one that needs and deserves all the love and care I can offer. After going through the facility, I met one that just seemed like mine. She came right up to me and stretched her little body up my leg craving attention. Her face was too irresistible! She let me pick her up, and I swear she purred louder than any kitty ever! I knew she was mine, so sweet and lovable. She has a slight Heart Murmur and I guess people were afraid of her getting ill. Well, she's 7 and has no medical issues yet, I think she deserves a healthy and loving home. She was abandoned and it really shocks me how anyone could leave this face. So please meet Mackenzie Rose, the best addition to my home:)

Isn't she so Gorgeous?! It took her no time at all to be comfortable in my apartment. Look at her, she already owns my couch:) I Love Her!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on everything PURRRDY kitty!

thatdamngreendress said... sweet! She looks very aggressively cuddly (my favourite kind)! I found my kitty through craigslist (his owner was moving overseas and couldn't find someone) and he's the biggest adorable bear of a cat.

Amy said...

she blends so well with her surroundings adorable and what big eyes you have...

MarieBayArea said...

that is one gorgeous cat

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

She is amazing. Your life will be full of incredible moments with her. Lovely. (I have 9)
My name is Carolina.