Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Big BIg Dethrose Sale and Update!!

Today begins the big $7 Sale at Dethrose Vintage!! Why $7, well, it's just my favorite number, hahaha:)

But seriously, I have been sitting on top of some vintage for years that I just simply do not have room for anymore! So I cleaned out my closet and through out the week I will be adding a few more things to the sale. I want to start it asap and give you all the best deal! So enjoy the $7 sale and happy shopping!!! 

 1960's Barcloth Floral House Dress (Small)

 1980's Gray Blue Pinstripe Jacket (Large)

 1970's Hot Pink Vest (Small)
 1960's Ivory & Lace Blouse (Xs)
 1970's Bold Floral Blouse (Large)
 1980's Navy & Teal Ruffle Dress (M-L)

1980's Gray Floral Pastel Blouse (XS-S)
 1960's Floral Laurent Blouse (Small)

 1960's Blue & Gold Floral Blouse (Xs-S)

 1950's Handmade Dots and Hearts Circle Skirt (26 W)
 1970's Multicolored Sandals (10M)

 1980's Gray Herringbone Pencil Skirt (28-29 W)

 1980's Ruby Red Pumps (9)

 1960's Simone Straw Woven Handbag

1 comment:

Oli said...

I love LOVE LOVE that dress a the top its so chic i love florals like that !!