Monday, December 6, 2010

My Camera Won

So I give in, my camera has defeated me once again. I love my camera, I really do, but it's so darn difficult to learn when you have no photography background. The lighting in my apartment will soon be the death of me. Every photo I take must be photo shopped and then I don't even look good:(  Alas, I will not give up completely. Just tonight, tonight I will have fun with the settings. 

Anyhoo, about a few months ago the lovely Quincy from Q's Daydream and I were discussing doing a fun little dress swap. Finally we did it! It was quite simple given that we have a lot of similarities when it comes to our figure and love for the 50's! I know it's quite strange, but I always feel like I know the girls of this blogging world on a different level. I mean sharing your pictures and thoughts about things, discussing our passions on a daily basis with all of you really makes you feel we know one another. Well, needless to say the package arrived last week and the dress was lovely! I fell for it right then and there. I knew I wanted to use it for a winter shoot. However, darn Chicago got in the way again. I awoke on Sunday morning, day planned, outfit all laid out and open the door, burrrrr!! Frigid temps had hit! No outdoor shooting for this little lady. Goodness, 18 degrees!!! Normally I am fine with the cold bitter air, but not when I had a day of playing in the snow in mind. It was frozen solid! I had to march back in, grunting in disappointment, and change my entire outfit. So here are the shots I ended up with indoors. But don't you worry, I will shoot this dress outdoors this week so you can appreciate its true beauty! 

Shoes: Etsy oh so long ago
1960's Navy Handbag: Antique Store 
 Little Girls School Jacket: Rummage Sale (as seen in my Look Book)
 My favorite little fox ornament
 He's just so darn cute:*
 Looking at the snowfall, it's so beautiful!
Admiring my finished tree with all the fixins! Vintage 50's gingerbread men, cookie xmas trees, 60's glass peppermints, handmade pheasant feathered ornaments and so many snowflakes! 
Aren't they gorgeous! 


Amy said...

I love this scene it is so vintage christmas, santa just needs to be peeking around the corner.
Your pictures look fantastic, and I too feel the same way with blogs. I think I might do a post on blogs that make me feel less than adequate

Trés Awesome said...

You won! These photos are magical...

Check out my blog Trés Awesome at

Q's Daydream said...

I love these! Sooooo pretty!
These pics just prove to me even more we're just about the same size. The dress fits you just like it fits me!

Brittan-Morgan said...

So Pretty. I think the photos are great, having to brighten up dark photos just gives it a vintage faded look- which is perfect in this case. You and QB both look awesome in that dress. And I love your Christmas tree, I don't even have one up yet!

closetcasecarmen said...

ahhhh! How pretty!

Anonymous said...

These pics are beautiful!Look actually like they are from the 50's!!!!....Quincy's mom (Sheryl)

Dethrose Vintage said...

Aww thanks for the love! I'm glad you all like the photos, of course the dress from Quincy helped add to the cuteness: )

Georgia Rose said...

That dress is totally amazing! The colour is gorgeous with your hair too.