Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shop Updates and Ebay

Phew am I exhausted! I don't know about you, but this weather and the Holidays really make me lazy. Normally I wouldn't mind that but I have far to much to do over the next month to be lazy and in a tired mood. Now that the Holidays are over, time is back on my side. I awoke early this morning to photograph some new items for the shop and to list some non vintage clothing on Ebay. Now, I am not a big fan of bay in general. But when it comes to posting new items Ebay always works best. I have been cleaning out my closet, correction...closets, and I realized that I have way too much clothing! I donated about 4 bags to Charity! I am ashamed to say that I found things with the tags still attached! So these are the things that are going up on Ebay.

As far as the Dethrose Vintage shop goes, I have a lot of new things to add! Very very fun and flirty items. I have to say, this is my most favorite update and the best is yet to come!
 1960's Peach Party Dress (S-M)
 1960's Blue Sheen Cropped Jacket (S-M)
1950's Full Circle Skirt (25w) & 1950's Handmade Pastel Plaid Blouse (S-M)
1960's Blue and Yellow Floral Skirt (26w)

And....once again I need your help deciding whether or not to keep this adorable cropped bolero. Bright red and the biggest ruffles ever!! I love but do I need? Help!!

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Amy said...

Perfect for the New Year, or maybe cause I just love red.
I have to say though your new background really hurts my eyes, I am old but it is really hard to read. Just thought you might want to know.