Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Days

This weekend was a brutal weekend for weather. Snow fell from Friday evening and is continuing to cover the ground. While others may hate it, I am so excited to see it! Now don't get me wrong I hate driving in it but walking in it isn't too bad at all. It is just so beautiful and it really gets me in the mood for the Holidays and being all cozy and warm. Also it's my favorite to open the curtains, watch the snow fall, sit in a big sweater and sip on Irish Coffee or red wine while looking at fashion blogs or online magazines. So while I am enjoying my time indoors I thought I would post some inspiration for all of you!
The Great Gatsby, how do you think Carey Mulligan will do portraying Daisy? Better than Mia??
Two of my favorite leading men, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart.
My favorite current leading Man and just plain and simple, my favorite man in general! Love love love Jon Hamm:)
My favorite picture of Grace Kelly. I want this bathing suit!
The Grace Kelly Print...
So chic and effortless:)

My favorite January Jones photoshoot from Interview Magazine.
Merle Oberon and Jean Seberg, more effortless beauty.

Where do you all find your inspiration?

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