Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

This weekend was such a light and fun weekend! It was the Vintage Heaven Sale at Heaven's Gallery, which I always look forward to! Nothing is better than seeing so many of your favorite customers returning to try on your vintage finds and not to mention playing dress up yourself with what you may find there! I bought a couple of goodies I couldn't leave without but usually I am really great about restraining myself from buying. It's so hard when some of your favorite vintage sellers are all under one roof! 

After Vintage Heaven I just enjoyed the weekend with friends. I'm not a big 4th of July person but I am an outdoor summer bbq, sipping on drinks and laughing with friends kinda person. So I really don't see the difference in this weekend than any other weekend personally. Oh, maybe the fireworks... there were a lot of fireworks! And yes we were the jerks setting them off all night long. There is just something nostalgic about the lights and yes, even the smell. I still get like a giddy little girl when I shoot one! I hope I never grow out of it:) 

What did you all do? 

 I chose to wear my favorite new dress to Day 1 of the sale:) And I recently learned how to do more interesting braids, I don't think I have had my hair down all week long! 

 Oh! Before I forget, Dethrose Vintage is having a 20% off sale from today through next Tuesday the 12th. I sent out a huge email yesterday announcing it, so if you're not on my email list Sign Up! 
The prices are already marked down:) Have fun Shopping!
 A top my Jenstyle Chic Vintage, love you Jen! And a Dethrose Vintage Skirt:)
Doing my favorite thing, twirling:)
 The dress I have been dying to see on! The arm holes are so small I never thought anyone would be able to get into it but this girl walked in and I made her try it on! I came to the conclusion of redo-ing the sleeves so others may wear it, lol!  You can see the dress here.

Here all my favorite purchases from this weekend! All from Jenstyle Chic, seriously if you haven't checked out her store you are missing out! Visit it HERE.
 Everyone knows how much I love tapestry! So when I saw this hanging on Jen's rack it was an instant must have!

Crop top? Yes please! This one is the one I am wearing in the above pic. Its so 60's Gidget! Pastel, open bell bottom and back button closure! And most important, 100% cotton! My only summer fabric:)
 Last purchase, this early 60's Dacron light blue tulle print day dress. Fits me like a glove and my fav shade of blue. Gorgeous!!! You will be seeing a post with this in it very, very soon!

I completely forgot to post the pics of my last outdoor sale at Randolph Street Market, which I will be doing every last weekend of the month though September (weather permitting of course). If you live in the Chicago area please come visit me at one of my sales! I love meeting readers and people who shop my Store. 
 The view from my shaded seat.
 1 of my 3 rack of dresses alone!
 My favorite 50s Silk Chiffon Party Dress! I sold this right away, I mean how could anyone resist it?!
There you go! Hope you all had a lovely 4th:) 

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