Saturday, July 23, 2011

Big Dethrose Update!

First things first. Dethrose Vintage 25% off Sale ends Sunday, tomorrow, at 6pm! Take advantage while you still can!

The last 3 days have been full of heat, no power, no internet and lots of time with friends. I had such high hopes for my week on Tuesday. I spent the day with my friend Kat. First we took a bunch of photos for Dethrose and then went to the suburbs to Ikea. Spending the day getting some necessities for the house and just basic suburban fun. I can't exclaim my love for Ikea enough. I don't buy much from there, but when I need utensils and small things, its the first place I go.  And I of course leave with more than needed. But trust me, everything gets put to good use.

Unfortunately that night everything started to go wrong. I came home to no internet! Aaaahhhhh! Then, no power which in turn meant no air conditioning! So all the next day I spent at Estate Sales, shopping where ever I could be in A/C. Came home at 4, still nothing. So I then sat in an Ice Cold bath for 2 hours. Luckily, Kat called and said I could come over and hang out til the power came back on. Hours of watching all the Batman movies....truly is heaven for me. So at 10pm Thursday, lights came back on. Friday, I am finally getting my internet up and running and posting new items And boom! Air-conditioner stopped! Are you kidding me!?!?!  So after a few hours I sucked it up, bought a bigger fan and got to work. Last night I rewarded my hard work with a party and show with some friends.

Today however, feels great with a light breeze and a fan on me. Relaxing with Dethrose postings and reading every fashion blog. So because no posting happened the way I wanted it to this week, here are 10 new things added today and there will be 10 more Monday and possibly an outfit post!

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1940s/1950s Kenzar Post War Japanese Silk Dress Set (Xs-S)


Anonymous said...

oh man, what a terrible time to lose power :( i was so worried that we would lose power during the storm last night that i couldn't sleep! the constant lightening and thunder wasn't helping either...

Rhonda said...

The news keeps talking about your Chicago storm, it sounds like a bad one.

You wear your vintage clothes so well, like they were made for you.

Love all the dresses and that black skirt is to die for.