Thursday, June 23, 2011

My summer must haves!

On some mornings when I am procrastinating my days work, I will just sit and pretend I have a disposable income and "fake shop" my favorite vintage sites and Anthropologie. This was my morning today. I imagined myself at Anthropologie shopping for my must have summer retreat outfits and necessities.  Isn't funny that a laidback morning such as this just made my day better.
 My 2 favorite dresses currently:) In the Summer time I don't like to be too covered up. Now, I don't like suntanning, it actually scares me to look tan, lol. But I love being in the sun if that makes sense. I slather on as much sunscreen as possible, I just like to be in the warmth of the sun. So bare shoulders, midriff and legs are a must for me!

 I love a huge hat and the colorful raffia is just so gorgeous! 

I love separates! I personally wear separates more than just dresses. I like the mixing of prints and having fun with different silhouettes. I just think these 2 would look oddly perfect together!

I don't wear pants often but I would gladly do a little late 60's with these cropped AG ankle skinny jeans in kelly green and this cotton gauze floral hippie blouse! What a great outfit for a cool summer 

 The perfect summer shoe and hat! They really go with everything! I mean, a good wedge can be the only shoe you really need all summer long! You guys know how much I adore a sky high wedge platform:) And this hat is perfect to shade your face on a bright sunny day!

Summer perfect nightwear. I don't know about all of you, but I get dressed up for bed. It's a ritual, I wash my face, with just soap and cool water, then I make my own toner and spray a mist on my face and then moisturize. If I have curled and set my hair I pin a hair-net on to keep my curls in tact. Finally I put on a nightgown or a set like above. Why not feel pretty and feminine for sleepy time too?

 So green is my favorite color. My favorite combination is light green and pale yellow or a creamy ivory. Of course I was drawn to both of these dresses, so that's why I saved the best for last!

Of course you can't choose your summer wardrobe without a perfect pair of shades! These are gorgeous and classic...don't they look familiar???

There you have it, my summer picks from Anthropologie's newest inventory:)