Monday, June 13, 2011

2 things

This weekend was the sale I had been waiting for! The past month I had been organizing my first vintage sale, making fliers, rallying my favorite vendors and so on. It was actually a pretty smooth show, just a couple of small hiccups but nothing too stressful. It wasn't as busy as one would have hoped but we had amazing feedback and it was the most fun! I love doing this so much, selling and dressing people in the best vintage pieces, trying on the clothes from my favorite vintage ladies and just laughing and having fun! We had great food for everyone, we watched old movies on the projection screen all day and danced to the best music mix Tony jr provided for us.

Here are some of my fav pics from the weekend and log onto Facebook and join the Dethrose Vintage page to see all the photos and find out about more events.

2 of my favorite new dresses being added soon to Dethrose Vintage

 My favorite photo of the weekend!
Leah from Onomatopoeia
Heather and Emma

The "Michelles" 
Michelle (left) from Yellowbirdd Vintage
Michelle (right) from Dollparts

Watching old movies all day!!
Now Showing: High Society with Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra

Michelle and her favorite items from Dollparts Designs.

 Michelle from Yellowbirdd Vintage showing off my favorite sweater:)

 Nicole and her 2 favorite dresses from Bombshell Shocked.

 Jen from Jenstyle Chic Vintage and an adorable Boho Dress out of her collection. Accessories collection from Jen as well.

 Frances from Venus Meets Vintage showing off her summer looks.

 Kate and Jen from Badlands Chicago. They Specialize in vintage and reconstructed vintage pieces. For more info go visit their Facebook page here.
 Jen made some of the most amazing cupcakes!

 The boys sold some great vintage and handmade designs! Chicago Bread and Vin Tag MIllI. Our male shoppers were very pleased!
 Leah from Onomatopoeia had the best vintage nightgowns and pj's!

All in all the weekend was amazing! Stay tuned for the next one! It will be coming around the corner very soon! 

Second thing...I know longer fit into my favorite Vintage dress:( Good and bad, good: my workout is going well, bad: I can't wear this anymore. So it is now available for you to buy on Dethrose Vintage:) 

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Amy said...

Okay this looks like it totally rocked!!
I want to come to the next one!!!!
I see about 5 things that I really want
Um...that necklace, is it yours? LOVE IT
Adorable sweaters too
I love how your booth looks it is so well put together and shoppable in a super cute way!
Congrats. Once the word gets out I am sure you will be putting on shows everywhere!!!
So proud of you,