Friday, June 17, 2011

Lake Front Friday

 I decided to take some time today to appreciate where I am. This week has been a hard week for my family  & being so far away from them isn't easy in times like this. So I spent the day with my Chicago family, my friends are such a wonderful support system. Keeping positive in moments of hardship is very important to me. A clear head can do wonders. 

My friend Kat and I wanted to take advantage of this crystal clear perfect summer day. First to Anthropologie and then off to the lakefront for an impromptu picnic!! Love it:) 

 Doesn't my dress go with the scenery perfect!?
50s Day Dress~ Buffalo Exchange
Jewelry~ Estate 
Shoes~ Seychelles

 I was asking Kat for the camera here and she decided to snap! Btw, these Sunglasses are my new favorite purchase from Anthropologie!
 Our little picnic:)
 Miss Kat!

 We had a little stalker;)
 Foggy and faint Chicago city skyline.
 Ay, Ay, Captain! 
 Oh I wish I had a summer boat!

 The water was so clear today!

 It was very random to stumble across this little shed off the lake. It's an archery range!

I hope you all are having a lovely Friday!!! 

Mom, I love you and I am thinking of you! See you soon.


ina said...

The picture where you're asking for the camera is great and the sunglasses suites you perfectly! Hope everything will be allright with your family.

Amy said...

This photo journal of this day is amazing. Looks so relaxing and perfect. See ya soon

Fran said...

I simply LOVE you dress, its stunning! xx Fran