Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Waiting with breath that is bated...

It's back! And I couldn't be happier!! 2 more weeks and my favorite show is back. Mad Men returns for it's 5th Season on March 25th. Tomorrow I will be doing a post for Dethrose if you're a Peggy, a Joan, or a Betty. So stay tuned!!


I will be dressed in my best making as many gimlets, old fashions and many whiskey drinks for my friends this night.


Dakota said...

Oh yes, I am SO excited!! These pictures are so stunning, it's making me even more antsy for the show to return ;) And I know I've said this before, but you really do look quite a bit like Betty Draper!

cristin said...

Oh I love Peggy so hard! So excited...although since we don't have cable I'll have to wait to buy it. No spoilers, please ;) ;)

Sophie-Marie said...

I love those shows that take place in the 60s, like Mad Men and Pan Am! You get so much inspiration for the fashion, hair and make-up!
And that's Gabrielle Solis' husband!
Mademoiselle Sonushka