Saturday, March 17, 2012

I ♥ Chicago

Chicago is my town. I love everything about it. Even when we're having a crazy Winter with tons of snow. I can bare the frigid temps from time to time. Why? How? Because when the weather is gorgeous, this city's awesomeness comes through. You just feel motivated to do everything. When I wake up to a sunny warm apartment, I just feel an extra pep in my step! Just a simple walk around the neighborhood or outdoor seating at a restaurant can really brighten your day. I know it's the vitamin D, we need it! Well, I need it!
 Kat and I took a stroll down Michigan Ave today and stopped at the Lake. It was so clear and gorgeous. All I kept thinking was how much I can't wait for the vintage Spring/Summer season. Pop Ups and Flea Markets!! And of course, I thought about really stepping up my workout from 3-4 days a week to 6 days. Gotta get ready for those crop tops and swimsuits! My gams have been neglected for far too long;)
 Lace Cotton Blouse ~ Thrifted about 4 years ago
1950s Floral Skirt ~ Retro 101
Sunglasses ~ Anthro
 It got up to 82º today!! With no humidity, it was perfection.
 Bangles ~ Thrift Shops
Wooden Rings ~ Antique Shops
 My Favorite Spring Bag ~ Timeless Treasures Vintage
1960s White Sandals ~ Thrift Shop
Anchor Bandana ~ Knee Deep Vintage
1960s Wooden Necklace ~ Estate Sale
Glass Rings ~ Antique Shops and Thrift Shops


cristin said...

Cute! Is Retro 101 local? I've never heard of them...

Temporary:Secretary said...

you look SO amazing, gorgeous style xxx

Dethrose Vintage said...

No its not local, sadly its in st. Louis.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

I've been so happy this week due to the sunshine and warm weather! I actually got tan today while sitting on the patio at Star Lounge.

Super cute outfit, I especially like all your wood accessories and of course the purse from the Elgin show.

Frannie Pantz said...

You look gorgeous in this! I love the skirt so much! How cool to have such a strong attraction to your city!

Laura said...

What a great outfit, and such a lovely top! I feel the same way about Grand Rapids as you do about Chicago, I think :) It's great to love where you are (and even better when the weather makes it easy!)

Sophie-Marie said...

I really should visit Chicago soon! The weather looks amazing here!
Mademoiselle Sonushka

Georgia Rose said...

Ah man, you look gorgeous! This outfit is super inspirational, and making me wish the weather here were a bit nicer. I feel you on the city-love!