Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mildred Pierce

Some of you may already have been familiar with the story of Mildred Pierce, either you read the book or you've seen the Joan Crawford original. If not HBO has decided to do a little mini-series on the story of Mildred Pierce starring Kate Winslet. I do not have HBO or own a television for that matter but I knew I would find a way to watch this premiere. I have anticipating this premiere now for so long now, worrying if it was going to be just visually stunning (I mean, I knew I'd love the costume) or simply a boring take. Well the internet is just such an amazing little thing and I was able to live stream the show!! And man oh man did HBO deliver. Kate Winslet is stunning and so elegant, I just keep swooning over the wardrobe and the interiors of the set. 

Honestly, I was this excited over Boardwalk Empire but unfortunately I snooze every time I try to watch it. So I usually have it on just for the wardrobe. So now I have Mad Men and Mildred Pierce. I am a happy girl!! 

I'd try and watch if I were you:)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Inspiration: 30's & 40's

Today is the beginning of a very busy weekend leading into a very busy week for Dethrose. Vintage sales, shopping and prepping for the Chez Mignon Fashion Show. My favorite kind of busy:)

I awoke today needing a jumpstart to it all. Coffee in hand, and more brewing, I sat down and started reading my daily blogs and answering q's to my Etsy. When I got the urge to start looking at some stories about Greta Garbo. Then that turned into scrolling through dozens of pictures of all my favorite leading ladies and gent from the same time era. So here is a little Friday inspiration, my favorite actors and actresses of the 1930's & 40's.

Hedy Lamar & Merle Oberon

Gene Kelly

Betty Grable & Carol Lombard

Clark Gable & James Stewart

Claudette Colbert

Gary Cooper

 Greta Garbo & Ginger Rogers 

And my favorite leading man, Cary Grant

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This weekend

Don't forget this weekend!! Only 1 more day till the Krispy Fringe Midnight SALE!!  2 more days till the Studio 914 Local Designer and Vintage Sale!!

 Krispy Fringe Vintage Friday March 25th from 8pm to Midnight! Discounts start at 10% and up to 50%!! Not to mention, brand new Spring items!!!
Located at 4725 N Damen

Saturday March 26th and Sunday March 27th from 12 to 5pm enjoy shopping with some of the most amazing local Chicago Designers and Vintage Vendors. Fresh and amazing Spring clothing and accessories along with winter merchandise on sale:) 

Dethrose Vintage featured:


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shop Update

It's rainy and cold again:( Chicago is known for being Bi-Polar with it's weather. So today is being spent at Heaven's Gallery hanging with my lovely vintage loving friends and working on my lap top. Actually, when I think about it, I love rainy days when I am inside. It's cozy! 

Here is a Spring update to make you all feel warm inside:) 


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shop update

So much to do and so much to list. As you saw from 2 post ago, I am going to be selling more and more at upcoming shows, just when I thought the middle of April will slow down, I booked 3 more showcases. This in turn means my shop updates are going to be slowing down. Over the next...I'd say 2 weeks, I will be posting the last of the newness until things slow down a bit. 

Enjoy your weekend!!! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bubblegum and Graffiti

Yesterday was one of those perfectly productive days. Workout, etsy, event scheduling, laundry, cleaning and the list goes on. Including updates for Dethrose Vintage and planning for the busy months ahead:)

I was lucky enough to have my dear friend Isa from CHICAGO LOOKS take my picture yesterday in one of our favorite spots in Chicago. This little alley way is known for having amazing rotating graffiti art, It is known as the Augusta Free Wall. It was a super warm and windy day, pretty much a fantastic Spring day! Check out all of Isa's amazing eye for street-style at Chicago Looks

1950's Cotton Bubblegum Dress: Knee Deep Vintage
Crinoline: Antique Mall
 1960's Tapestry Handbag: Knee Deep Vintage
1960's Grey Heels: Thrifted
1950's Sunglasses: Thrifted
Cardigan Jacket: U.O.

This one was my favorite, My dress practically blew over my head! Hahaha