Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Where Are You????

Yesterday was a miserable day for weather here in Chicago. Winds gusting, snow and rain at the same time blowing every direction and the sun never made an appearance. Normally when this occurs, people do not leave their homes. Shops are empty, restaurants are quiet but some how everyone decided that we were tired of Chicago bossing us around. Everyone was out and about. Coffee shops were buzzing, long waits at restaurants and shopping was impossible. Well I decided to go one step further and really slap Chicago in the face. I wore a spring dress, nude polka dot tights and high heels. I thought warm thoughts all day long. I drank iced coffee, ordered a yummy fruit salad for lunch and I even went out that evening with a thin jacket. Winter in my mind, is over! So Ha! Chicago, you no longer control my wardrobe.

Keeping all of that in mind, at about 3 am last night I couldn't sleep and decided to do some online browsing. Spring essentials for my wardrobe. I got the new LUCKY and there was a Spring Cape I swooned over! I'm so, so, so, very excited for the warmth of Spring! Here are my top picks for additions to my wardrobe starting now!

Zooey's Pick in Lucky Magazine. I love the color of this cape!

Ok, so there you have it. The 5 new items on my must have list. Now, there is actually 6 that made it to the cut but these are more of a dream purchase. Simply because the continue to sell out every time they become available. One can dream. Jeffrey Campbell did an excellent job at recreating these amazing Salvatore Ferragamo Platforms.One day soon they will be in my possession! 

Finally it is time again for the monthly sale at Heaven's Gallery. If you are in the Chicago area please come by and see us! So many new vintage vendors will be there and tons of new Spring and Summer items! Plus I will have a $10 & $20 sale on all my Fall & Winter items. Please email me for more


Amy said...

ooo, yesterday was golden here and now today I have not seen the sun. I still am in flip flops tho
Thanks for the shout out on my wicker weave spring bag!
I am thinking Paris in the Spring today.
All my creations today shout this out loud.

Anonymous said...

holy smokes, i would just topple over in those shoes! i still want to own them, just so that i can look at them though ;)

every month i try to make it to vintage heaven, and every month i fail...maybe this time i'll get there!

Sean Christa said...

hey Karyn, those platforms are hot. i may have to stalk them down too!