Friday, March 11, 2011


Today was one of those perfect days off. I slept in, cleaned house, ran errands and had the rest of the day to catch up with my Best GF Kat. It was the first sunny warm day here in Chicago. It really felt like Spring was on the horizon. I didn't even wear a coat! Just a wonderful little fur stole across my shoulders. The perfect day to wear in my brand new shoes! Now, I don't normally shop for footwear that isn't vintage, but shoes have been on the brain. While at the bank the other day I came across a shop window with these lovely 5 inch heels. I know what you're thinking, 5 inch heels! I'm already 5'11 but I love, love, love high heels! The higher the better, it makes me feel statuesque. These shoes were absolutely perfect for Spring and my wardrobe. Light and airy, the perfect floral print in a lovely chiffon and tall platform wood heels. 

This is my first winter into spring outfit. I hope you enjoy:)

Seychelles Platforms
Vintage Fur Stole - Antique Mall
Striped Dress - Ben Sherman 
Vintage 50's Frames - Thrifted
1960's Vintage College Sweater - Rex Vintage

Watercolor Gold Necklace - Vintage Underground
1960's Leather Handbag - Estate Sale
Tights - U.O.
Rings - Boutiques


Amy said...

how come you can pull off a heel?
I just feel like a trany when I try it!!!

DorsiaShannonVintage said...

siiick. love the overall look. I can see my door in some of the pics. :)

MarieBayArea said...

great outfit post! love that vintage college sweater. such a cool color. your hall and stairwell are very very charming.

thatdamngreendress said...

5'11!! wow! you're a goddess!

You look totally glam and old-timey here- nice find (I'd love to find that perfect platform heel for spring!)

Isa said...