Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Things I Seem to have Forgotten

I completely for while adding new listings to Dethrose Vintage, I left out this little number! How could I right? I mean it's perfect, so perfect, I almost didn't want to list it;) 

About a year ago while I was visiting back home, I stopped in my favorite little thrift shop and found this little book. "Sewing Skills"...I kinda just put it with the stack of all my other vintage books and forgot about it until now. While looking through it, I realized how helpful it is! My mom is giving me her old sewing machine, so I think come 2012 I will be putting this book into some good use!

 I honestly love all the illustrations, new sewing books seem so boring comparatively.
 My 2 favorite things I am definitely going to try:)

Now I just have to go out and find some cute fabric:) 

1 comment:

lauren said...

well clearly your subconscious "forgot" it for a reason, it's perfect on you!