Friday, December 23, 2011

Rag Time

When I do my hair usually, I wash it at night and pin curl it or braid it for waves to brush out in the morning setting it with the curling iron. I decided I was bored with this routine and wanted to try something easier. I've tried rag curls before but I had been tying the rags lower resulting into "meh" curls. I tried again only rolling the hair to about ear level while my hair was damp. Woke up this morning and voila! the curls I have been dying to have! 

What do ya think?
I seriously have never felt so glamorous before! And it's so easy! Took all of 5 minutes to do!
1950s Dress ~ Lovestory Vintage
1950s Cardigan ~ Etsy
1970s Boots ~ Thrifted
I think it's all the 30's and 40's films I've been watching lately but they really inspired me to try something new. 
1960s Coat ~ Antique Shop
1960s Handbag ~ Thrifted
1950s Sunglasses ~ Knee Deep Vintage

 I am going to take this weekend off and enjoy a relaxing Holiday. Waking up late, yeah right, enjoying my morning hot coffee and spending it with friends:) I just wish I could be with family too!

What are your plans for the holiday??


Vintage Market Place said...

Totally reminds me of the Thin Man movie I was watching just last night.
The girls hair was platinum and gorgeous waves.
Looks great
Wish you were here for the weekend.
Merry Christmas, hope you love your presents ;)

thatdamngreendress said...

gorgeous! I was just watching the thin man too (great christmas movie...) and the platinum blonde waves rule!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

That cardigan is TO-DIE-FOR! Dress is divine too. But let's face it - you'd look great in a hessian sack.

Have a great Christmas, sweetheart. Keep your eyes open for more dresses for me in 2012.


Merl said...

knock it off. It's just not fair how you can look so damn glamourous all the time while I barely make it out of the house looking like I showered that week. You're showing me these rag curls when we hit up Nashville! ;)