Saturday, August 28, 2010

Estate, Phone, Police, Home, Wine

Yesterday was by far the most eventful and longest day. I started out with of course my morning latte and my maps to estate sales in the suburbs of Chicago. Joining me was a friend/co worker who not only is new to Chicago, he was new to the world of Estate sales. We stopped to get coffee and then I noticed my phone had given out on me...which meant my maps were gone. Luckily, I remembered the majority of the directions. We made it to the estate sale and I scored some really amazing things. A navy 50's sheer cocktail dress, a white and pink floral L'Aiglon dress and gorgeous gloves and etc.... So many beautiful things and I can't wait to post them on Dethrose Vintage. But my phone, which is brand new, and meant for web and navigation specifically, is only 2 weeks old. UGH!! This keeps happening to me, so that was frustrating but I just had to laugh. Then we wanted some more coffee and seriously had to drive around and around this tiny town to find some. Came across our first perfect photo opt. I loved the exposed brick in this little basement cafe. Despite any set backs we already had come across it was becoming a really really fun and productive day. 

Next we thrifted, ate some awesome lunch at Birchwood cafe back in the city and took some photos. Now this is where the rest of our day got just straight up hilarious. We were driving through my neighborhood about to go run an errand that I was dreading, picking up something from my least fav person, and I noticed an awesome photo opt. Around the corner from my place is this little sunflower garden. The sun was perfection and the light was just right. So we got out and I snapped some truly awesome photos. After we were finished BAM! Oh crap, my keys were locked in my car. Rats! What do I do??? We laughed out butts off and I remembered, there is a police station right around the corner from my house. And I was like, police always open peoples doors right? The always get people out of distress right? So we walked into the station and heads turn and they were very confused immediately. Who are we and why were we sooooo happy to be there. Hahaha, I mean we were laughing because our day had been too weird. I asked them politely for help and explained my situation. They informed me that police officers havent done things like opening locked cars and such in decades...ok then, I guess it just happens in the movies now. About to give up, this nice police officer offered his help. With in fifteen minutes I was back in my car. 

I love the photos, the light and the foliage were just perfect to compliment the colors in the dress. I mean, how could I have possibly been in a bad mood about locking my keys in my car?? These pics made it so worth it!!
Jason and I 
The walk to the Police was nice, I began to realize just how adorable my neighborhood is...
Dress: Vintage from Knee Deep Vintage
Shoes: Vintage 70's Platforms from Pineapple Mint on Etsy
Belt and all Jewelry from thrifting and estate sales
1950's Sunglasses: Kokorokoko
**I think this one was my favorite picture. Something about the colors made me really happy. And I was in such a goofy mood. Silly pictures are always the best ones.

The nice police officer that was polite enough to help lil ol' me out:) 

By the time we were back from running the rest of my errands, we again hit up a few more thrift stores and got a caffeine refill. Next stop was wine and a movie, the perfect end to the most random day I ever have had.


Amy said...

That is too funny, the pics turned out great but the best is the policeman, I have done this too many times to count and I only one time had the help of a cop and he made me sign a waiver that I wouldn't sue him if he broke my door.

Q's Daydream said...

LOL! What a day of adventures! As crazy as this might sound I kinda wish I could have been there, haha!
These pics are magical. I'm seriously in love with that dress, as you know. If you ever decide to sell/trade it you know who to call! ;o)

BombshellShocked said...

Holy carp! How close do we live to each other?!?! The empty lot pictures had me questioning, but the following ones confirmed it!

Isa said...

You know what? Crazy day, good story. That's what I always think when things like this happen to me: at least I'll have a great story. And God knows they happen to me ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!

PS: Love you + yr dress + the sunflowers.