Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What day is it??

Seriously, what day is it? The week/weekend flew by. It seems like after we announced our shop's big move, the week disappeared. We've been trucking along at the new spot, ripping down walls, ripping out ceilings, ya know, a basic gut. I've been taking plenty of pictures of the progress, but this is not that blog post. We're having a bittersweet week here at Market Supply Co. It's the final week we'll be open at this location, yep, door locked up this Sunday! Again, this isn't that blog post. But I promise all of the above will be coming shortly. I guess I'm not ready for all that just yet. Instead I'm gonna keep it light with an outfit post. 

Just another cool summer day here [insert annoyed tone here]. I want a real Summer, but dang this Polar Vortex ruining a warm sunny Chicago for us! This is the first Summer I haven't gone swimming at least 4-5 times a week. And frankly, I am not happy about it!! Trying to figure out Chicago weather is like trying to figure out how people on reality tv shows exist, it's a HUGE waste of time. 

The 64º day did give me an excuse to wear my new to me 1940s Pant set early. I want this is every color, print, I just want it!!! It's comfy and feels like I'm wearing pjs, only people think I spent a lot of time getting ready. Ha! 1940s lounge set fools ya again! It's easy and I wanna wake up in it every day...I won't...but I really want to. 
I changed it up a bit. The top is actually a boxy fit with double buttons but on my frame, it just wasn't as flattering. So I just tied it up and Voila! 
 The print and colors are just so vibrant and gorgeous! I'm telling ya, this set is gonna be hard to beat! 

Outfit Details: 
1940s Textron Lounge Set: flea market find
50s Black Wedges: estate sale find
Necklace & Bracelet: Clyde's Rebirth
Ruby Ring: gift from my mom
Brass Ring: ???