Saturday, July 19, 2014

Time Flies!

 This week has been a little strange. How? Finding vintage is of course always random. But never this random. My last post was a lovely 1940s 2pc Lounge Set by the brand Textron. Since finding that set a few months ago, I have since more and more of that label. Two blouses, a dress and Mike actually found a PJ set yesterday!! It's silly, but I can't help but laugh at the name, Textron. It's sounds like a vintage robot, or what my transformer name would be. Maybe this should be my Dethrose Vintage specialty!?

So it was a bit strange when one of my favorite customers, Christy, brought this dress in to me. I was immediately taken a back by the beauty of this dress. But then I noticed it to be a Textron as well! This now made the 5th Textron piece I had come across in only 2 months! Insanity!!! 

The print kills me, Time Flies!! 

(photos by Merl Kinzie)

Outfit Details: 
Textron 1940s Rayon Dress: Lovely Christy:) 
Handbag: Crush Vintage 
40s Shoes: Estate Sale 
Necklace: Persnickety Vintage
Vintage Rings: thrift finds

And an outtake that there are usually quite a few of when I'm trying to make Merl crack;) 


Christy Alarcon said...


Nora said...

Gorgeoussss!!!! I love the name of the label - Textron! It does sound awfully modern ahahha! That dress is stuh-ning! It suits you sooo well! And your outtake? Brilliant!

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