Tuesday, September 3, 2013


One day I was cleaning and organizing my showroom and came upon that certain basket. You know the one. The one you avoid everyday. The task basket, full of repairs, dresses that need restitching, loose buttons, you know the usual. Well instead of hanging on to these "never going to happen" garments, I decided to let them go and have you all do the work. Let them go for dirt cheap for a chance to see daylight! So I began listing them on my Dethrose Vintage Facebook Page and well, y'all ate them right up! I have a big pile and I am slowly but surely lessening the stack! 
All of these garments range from, damaged beyond repair but might make a lovely art piece or study piece, to one's that just need a soak and a stitch!  Decades ranging from the 30s-60s. Silks, rayons, and cottons! All sizes too! Oh, and SHOES!

So if you're not already a fan of Dethrose Vintage on Facebook, maybe you should be;)

Here are just a few in the shop right now!
 1930s Plum Rayon Crepe Dress sz Large $28

1950s House Dress sz Med $15

 1930s Polka Dot Rayon Dress with Jacket sz XS $38 

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